Tomato Diseases and Plant Problems of Cultivation

You should be careful about some tomato diseases of cultivation as winter vegetable. The yield in much prevented for various kinds of diseases. In many case, farmer do not know how to eradicate the disease, but it marked. There are no scientific idea about what kinds of fertilizer is need for what kinds of disease and also some for insecticide. For this reason.

tomato diseases

The quality of tomato will not standard despite good yield. As a result, the good prices are not a available. The department of agriculture of the major tomato growers suggested about the disease and its remedy for the brothers and reassure them it is possible to eliminate some of these diseases by appropriate precautions.

Major Tomato Diseases

  1. Early blight
  2. Bacterial disease
  3. Virus or blight disease
  4. Fungal
  5. Black spots on the opposite side of the leaf

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Early blight disease is common of tomato. Tomato fell down for bacterial infection. You should give steps to protect vegetables from consolidation. For this, crop rotation should be followed 20-30 kg oil cake used per century and used more organic fertilizer. Besides, cultivate green fertilizer like plants.

Virus disease is one of the most important diseases. White flies are responsible for spreading the disease. The rain remedy is to suppress the carries flies, In addition, spray one millilitre Mesoamaida Cooprid 17.8 percent mixing with seven litter water. The prevention steps should take from seedbed fungal disease is seen when tomato is cultivated in sandy soil where less potash is present.

For this reason. More potash or organic manure should be applied. In additional, good result is fund when organic manure with mixing beneficial fungus Trichoderma viridi are used. Sometimes blackish spot behind tomato is seen despite developed types of tomato. Salty soil, more wet or dry soil and lack of calcium soil are liable for physiological disease irregularity.

Irrigate the land regularly with controlled water. Also, can manure as pressed fertilizer can be used and can be sprayed 2 gram lime per litter for getting good result. Declining seeding disease can be eradicated by using organic manure with beneficial fungus.

Use of beneficial fungi named Trikoderma viridi with organic fertilizer in seed land or in the original soil, it is possible to remove early blight diseases. In addition, if you can bacteria free from seed then get good result. More details on this topic are available in the wikipedia.

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