Green Bean Diseases, Symptom and Prevention

The famous winter vegetable green bean is well known for its delicious taste and nutrition. Diseases of green bean are the main concern farming it. We need to have a lot of preparation before starting the cultivation process.  Actually the attendance continues till harvesting stored at the store. If you do not ensure a proper care, easily various kinds of diseases can destroy our expected production. You can also see Green Beans Health Benefits and Nutritional Value.

Green Bean Diseases, Symptom and Prevention

So, we need to be careful about some issues and they are as given below:

Aphid Infestation of Green Beans

Aphid Infestation destroys the tender leaves, top of the seedling, flower and devours the green juice of the vegetable. Due to such attack, the plant becomes weak, affected tree cannot breed any flower. Most often the flower and the tender vegetable fail dawn. As they can cause a great harm to the whole farming area, they should be controlled carefully. We can apply pesticides destroying the insects. It will be better to have a consultation with an agriculture officer to get proper management.

Consperse Stinkbug

Such kinds of insect eat upon the leaves and only the herbs lasts. Mainly they attack on the greener part of the tree. Such attack hampers the growth of the tree and the production as well.

Flies of Green Bean

Green bean cultivation faces with a threat of distinction when flies attack them. Flies restrict the growth of the tree, turn them into yellow. A little above of the bottom, there are seen several swollen part of the tree. We will find the egg or tender flies if we cut the affected part off. The tree dies out being affected gradually.

We should control them in a hard hand. We can apply chemical destroying them wholly. Green beans are sensitive vegetable. They can get damaged in case of sudden attack of the flies. So, we must be in touch of an agriculture officer or an expert farmer if we are a beginner.

Corn Earworm

corn earworm insects

Such kind of insect drills the fruit, flower and the tender plants as well. The insect eats upon the seeds and fiber of the vegetable. The very affects vegetable becomes unable to consumption.

Powdery Mildewed

Such kind of disease affects the leaves and the tree as well. If the attack is bitter, the tree becomes faded and ultimately dies out.


The germs firstly affect the leaves. Several kinds of spot are seen over them. At the primary level, the range of damage is not vast. The attack moves to the fruit from the leaves and gradually affects the whole vegetable, destroy them all.

Rotten Root

The very disease can be seen from the sowing to till they are collected. In case of such disease, the bottom of the tender tree gets rotten and the aged and grown up tree gets brown spot and black mark at the affect part.

Yellow Mozaiek

Several designs of yellow and green are seen. Gradually the leaves turn into yellow at a whole. The leaves getting miss shape and become short. As a result the tree cannot grow well, produce a less amount of vegetable and the fruit cannot provide maximum number of seeds.

We need to take immediate measure in cause of any one of them. We can use pesticide and and can apply the organic technique to control the problem. If the problem becomes out of control, we need to have an immediate consultation with an agriculture officer. Remember, the faster the problem will be identified and take measure, the more vegetable we will get. Hope you understand green bean diseases article.


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