Green Beans Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Green beans is a nutritious vegetable of world. Green Beans health benefits and nutritional value is available here. There are plenty of carbohydrates in it. In addition, there are plenty of protein, calcium, iron and various types of vitamins in the green beans. To nourish the body these nutrients have important role. See green beans trees a lot of bean hanging like tree and bush. The color of the tree is green to violet.

green beans health benefits

Protein is essential for the human body to compensate and increase. In the absence of this, physical growth and mental development of children and adolescents is hampered and adult population reduces disease resistance. Due to protein-based malnutrition, people are weak and intellectually immature. The people of Bangladesh demonstrate deficiency of protein in food.

So to fulfill the protein needs green beans, beans, peas, on our daily food list and also we should be given more importance to eating proteinase vegetables. However, adding enough green beans to rice and eating them together increases the nutritional value of rice protein. The amount of rice with green beans and other protein vegetables can be eaten, body more effectively rice proteins can mature. Green beans is very useful vegetables for the good health of the growing age’s children, teenage boys, pregnant and maternal mother.

Nutritional Value

Every 100 grams of green beans contains 9.0 grams of carbohydrate, 3.0 grams of protein, 0.14 mg vitamin V-1, 0.03 mg of vitamin-2.3 mg calcium, 5.9 mg of iron and 50 kcal energy. There is more vitamin B-1 (thiamine) than the native beans and peas. Vitamin B-1 is needed for the metabolism of carbohydrate foods. Moreover, Vitamin B-1 keeps the nervous system strong and normal and helps to normally growth the body.

Green beans has more calcium than pea. Where every 100 grams of pea contains 26 milligrams of calcium, there is 33 mg of calcium in it. Increasing child’s body’s bones and teeth’s requires plenty of calcium. Besides, breast feeding time needs to have enough calcium in the mother’s food list. There is much more iron in green beans then the native beans and peas. Iron is an essential nutrient component for body nutrients.

Nutritional Value Body Needs

Due to lack of iron, anemia occurs in the body. Children, pregnant and maternal mothers are easily affected by this disease. Therefore it is essential to have adequate amounts of green beans on children, adolescents and pregnant and maternal mother’s daily diet list. Malnutrition is a serious problem of a nation. Most people in one country are victims of malnutrition. However, children, adolescents and women are more likely to suffer from malnutrition. Due to lack of vitamin A, many children (under the age of 6) became blind.

Moreover, almost half of them die in the first year due to lack of protein. However, it is possible for the child to easily protect them from malnutrition, feeding dark green and yellow colored vegetables at regular. So, remove the malnutrition of the body for healthy life, it is essential to have more and more nutritious vegetables and other nutritious vegetables on the daily diet list of children and older people.

Health Benefits of Green Beans

  1. Heart protection

The green beans contains a lot of useful fiber, which reduces the amount of LDL (damaging) cholesterol in the body. As a result, the protection of the heart is ensured. It also has high blood pressure, gastritis etc. helps in solving problems.

  1. Reduces the chances of cancer

There ‍are also antioxidant named flavonoid. Two elements of kaempferol and quercetin which works excellent to increase cancer cells.

  1. Increases bone density

The green beans contains silicon which increases bone density. Also available calcium is needed to strengthen the bones of green bean seeds.

  1. Fill iron deficit

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that is essential for the body’s absorption of iron. If you eaten raw green beans of salad from it vitamin C is available in plenty. In addition, there is enough iron in the green beans that can fill up the body’s iron deficit.

  1. Helps reduce body fat

In green beans there is a lot of antioxidant that exposes the contaminated compounds from the body. As a result, fat does not let the body accumulate. Besides, it is full of stomach due to low calorie food and fat-cholesterol. This reduces hunger.

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