How to Grow Dragon Fruit in Pots | Growing Dragonfruit (Pitaya)

How to grow dragon fruit in pots is simple tips and tricks. The dragon fruit is a fruit of the cactus species commonly known as “pitaya” or “pithahaya”. The dragon fruit refers to the fruit of the genus Hylosureaeus. Dragon fruit is native to Mexico, Costa Rica and El Salvador. Dragon fruit is cultivat in tropical and subtropical regions. The dragon fruit plant is a climbing plant, which needs support for climbing. When the plants are mature, if aerial roots form from the branches of the plant, they need support for growth.

The dragon fruit plant prefers heat and it grows well in dry areas with partial sun. Dragon fruit plants not only produce delicious fruits, but they are also the best ornamental plants. jam, ice cream, fruit juice and wine are used. Dragon fruits come in dark red, pink or yellow. In the middle of the fruit is a very thin skin covered with fibers with a delicious red or white pulp. Dragon fruit can be grown from seeds or cuttings or by purchasing a potted plant. Let’s discuss more growing dragon fruit in the upcoming section of this topic.

Growing Dragon Fruit in Pots

The ideal size of the pot is 15-24 inches in diameter and 10-12 inches in depth. The pots should have a good drainage system. The pot should have 2 to 3 drain holes. Use plastic pots, earthenware pots, terracotta pots, up drums or cans to grow dragon fruit. Use earthenware pots for healthy growth of trees which keep the temperature just. The larger the size of the plant pots, the better the growth of dragon fruit.

  1. Dragon fruit loves to grow in tropical climates and can also grow in sub-tropical climates.
  2. Take the frozen winter, dragon fruit can be planted in spring, autumn and summer.
  3. Dragon fruit plants can survive frozen temperatures and frost for a short time. But frost can be lost in the long run.
  4. The ideal temperature should be 20 to 30 degrees.
  5. It grows well in dry and wet climates.

It can be propagated by dragon fruit seeds and cut or buy pot trees from the nursery. The dragon fruit is easy to propagate and grows very fast. It is advisable to buy pot trees. Growing dragon fruit plants from seed is a time consuming process.

Soil suitable for growing dragon fruit in pots

Dragon fruit grows in well-drained fertile soil. When using garden soil or poor soil the soil use should be very sandy, add some quality river sand to increase its drainage capacity. It is recommended to use cactus mixture as a good growing medium for plant growth of cactus family. Cactus potting soil is available in nurseries, garden centers or online. If a good quality potting mixture with sand or per lite, organic fertilizer, and compost is not available in the ration, cactus potting mixture is not available. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and leave overnight before planting in all pots including pot soil.

Soil suitable for growing dragon fruit

Growing Dragon Fruit in Pots from Seeds

  • Dragon fruit seeds can be purchase from the local markets or can be collect from fresh fruits.
  • Water regularly and feed the plants with balanced fertilizer regularly
  • Wash the seeds and wrap them in a paper towel. And dry them overnight.
  • For sowing seeds, use seed starting mix and seedling tray.
    Seed starting mix can be peat + Perlite in 1:1 ration.
  • Fill the seedling tray or seedling pots with the potting soil.
  • Sprinkle the seeds over the surface of the soil and cover the seeds with a thin layer of the potting soil.
  • For collecting the seeds from fresh fruits, cut dragon fruit and scoop out seeds from the pulp.
  • Keep the soil moist constantly and cover the pot with a plastic wrap.
    Seeds take 15 to 30 days to germinate.
  • After germinating, remove the plastic wrap and transplant into the desired pot and place it in a warm location with partial shade.
  • Once the seedling starts growing, insert steel for support and tie the branches to the rod with wires.

Tips for cultivating dragon fruit in pots

Dragon fruit plants produced from seeds take 5 to 6 years to produce fruit. Dragon fruit plants take from years to years to produce fruit. The dragon fruit plant bears fruit for months every year. The plant flowers in early summer (mainly in June). transform into fruits after pollination occurs. The dragon fruit plant produces ers ers throughout. The plant bears fruit from late July to late November.

Fruits can be pick six to six times during the fruiting season. A dragon fruit plant can bear fruit for 20 to 30 years. The plant bears fruit 30 to 50 days after gaining power. Choose fruits when the color of the fruit changes from green to red or pink or yellow Depending on the variety. It is better to harvest after four days of color change. Depending on the variety. It is better to harvest after four days of color change. Or if you are planning to export or are planning for a long time, choose them the next day After the color change.

Quick tips for growing dragon fruit in pots

  • Warm and dry weather with moist soil can prolong the fruiting time of dragon fruit trees.
  • At a constant temperature of 2 degrees, the dragon fruit plant can produce over and fruit quickly beyond the normal bearing season.
    Prolonged cold weather can shorten the fruit set time of the tree.
  • Good watering frequencies will give more juicy and tasty fruits during the fruiting season.
  • Dragon fruit belongs to the cactus family, and these family plants need water and fertilizer for proper growth. Use organic or inorganic fertilizers in a specific place
  • Dragon fruit plants need support to climb, use wooden or concrete poles for support.
  • Sandy soils rich in 10 to 30% organic matter provide a good growing medium for dragon fruit plants.
  • Give a minimum of 1-inch of water per week for healthy growth of the plant. The growth of the tree will be control by cutting the stems every year,
  • Maintaining the compact size of the tree will make the plant stronger with more fruit.
  • Ideal growing asons for hot summer dragon fruit plants, feed the plants with natural or organic fertilizers once a month during summer.
  • It is recommend to use low nitrogen fertilizers for cactus plants.
  • Dragon fruit plants can be plan at any time of the year. Since the dragon fruit plant is a self-sustaining one can survive at any time.
  • During very cold weather, the plant should be protect from freezing temperatures. Plants should be cover with garden sheets or moved to warmer areas such as garages, greenhouses or interiors where the climate is warmer.
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