Different Types of Mangoes | Different Varieties of Mango

For the fruit lovers like me, it’s important to know about the best different types of mangoes of the world. Let’s know best 21 mangoes of the world today. They are really awesome and mouthwatering, famous for their unbelievable taste, flavor and extra juicy quality.

Do you know that the mango is called the king of fruits? There’s a lot of reasons for what it is called so. Among them, mangoes are delicious, highly juicy that simply hard to beat! Though it is native to India, for its outstanding appeal to the fruit lovers, people all around the world start growing this amazing fruit now a day. Enjoy juicing them.

Best Varieties of Mango

Now, we are going to discuss about the best 21 varieties of mangoes all around the world. Some of them are international and some of them are India based. We’ll know all of them in this content.

International Type of Mango

Honey (Ataulfo)

It’s really an awesome variety of mango popular all around the world. This long-shaped and yellow colored ripe fruit can really satisfy your thirst for fruit juice. This variety of mango is available from March to July. Honey is primarily native to Mexico, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador. This kind of mango turns deep yellow when fully ripen.

Flavor: Sour and sweet depending on the condition (weather the mango is green or ripen).
Flesh: Firm flesh having no fiber, smooth peachy tropical aroma and a pit that is small.

Different Types of Mangoes


One of the best known varieties is Francis. Like Honey, it is also somewhat long-shaped, clean and most importantly, mouthwatering. This luscious mango is available from May to June. Haiti and Ecuador are the primary source of this very mango. Though the color of the mango is green at the time of forming, it gradually changes to yellow and more golden color as the mango gets ripen.

Flavor: Fruity and sweet.
Flesh: Soft and juicy flesh, lightly fibrous. Tropical fragrance and peach-like.

Different Types of Mangoes


No need to tell a lot when we are talking about Haden, one of the most popular mangoes all over the world. This very variety is basically farmed in Peru, Mexico and Ecuador. Haven is oval in shape and has bright red skin; depending on the ripeness, skin may be green- yellow in color. There are small white dots.

Let’s know something about it.

Flavor: Along with a mildly bitter aftertaste, it’s sour and sweet.
Flesh: Medium fibers, having a fruit like aroma, it has firm flesh.

Different Types of Mangoes


This is the very variety perhaps you’re looking for. You may experience such a mango test without any bitter experience. The primary source of this mango is Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil and U.S.A. To relish the mango, you need to wait till March to April; and August – September. In Asian countries, they are enjoyed in pickles and people of those countries enjoy a lot.

Let’s have a glance on it.

Flavor: Sweet and fruity.
Flesh: Juicy, citrusy aroma and with a little fiber, the flesh is firm.

Different Types of Mangoes


Like Haden, it is also mainly sourced in Peru, Mexico and Ecuador. For juicing and drying, this variety of mango has hardly any substitution. Several yellow dots cover the skin of the mango when it starts to ripe in December to February.

Flavor: Along with sour notes, it’s sweet.
Flesh: Tropical peachy aroma, tender and juicy flesh and may be limited fiber.

Tommy Atkins

This very variety of mango is native of Florida. Perhaps it is mostly grown mangoes in U.S.A. but, primarily it is found in Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico and Ecuador. You must be waiting till March to July to enjoy this awesome and mouthwatering type of mango.

Flavor: With sweet notes, it’s tart.
Flesh: Firm fibrous flesh; fragrance is somewhat citrus.

Different Types of Mangoes


Actually this mango belongs to Philippines. Beside known as Carabao, it is also popular as Manila mango and Philippine mango. However, it is worthy to mention that it is the national fruit of the country and the country is at number six according to the max production of this mango. The topper countries are India, China, Pakistan, Brazil and Mexico.

Flavor: Sweet
Flesh: with a combination of less fiber, its juicy and soft.

Different Types of Mangoes


The oval shaped and green looking mango Graham turns yellow with a bumpy skin at the time of ripening. It was originated in Trinidad.

Flavor: Sweet
Flesh: Fiber less and fresh flesh with orange colored aroma.

Different Types of Mangoes

Some Other Mangoes in Indian Subcontinent

Perhaps you know that the king of fruit, mango is an Indian fruit and mostly famous within the neighboring countries. So, in this section, we’ll discuss about some famous varieties of mango that are available in Indian subcontinent.

Sein Ta Lone

This is the popular mango variety from Myanmar and popularly known as diamond solitaire within the native countries. You can enjoy this mango for two months only and ends in June.

Flavor: Sweet
Flesh: Of course juicy and fruity aroma, less fibrous texture.


If you compare within 1000 mango species from all around the world, there is no doubt that Alphonso will be the first considering its flavor and taste. This delightful and delicious mango is mainly produced in Maharashtra State of India. This awesome mango is available to enjoy all around the summer.

Flavor: Sweet
Flesh: Tender texture, distinct rich aroma and saffron colored juicy flesh having no fiber.


among the mango varieties that are exported on the basic of taste and popularity, it is the second in rank within Indian varieties. In Gujrat, India, it is mainly produced. This awesome and tasty fruit is available from May to July. This type of mangoes are primarily use for preparing different types of desserts and juice.

Flesh: Sweet
Fiber: Having no fiber, it is smooth and soft


From mid-May to late August, you can easily enjoy this enjoyable mango. Lucknow, a state of India, is the motherland and main producer of this variety. It is really nice to look at, oval shaped and yellow-green skin.

Flavor: Sweet and aromatic
Flesh: peach-colored pulp with no fiber


Hardoi, a place of North India, is mostly famous for chausa mangoes. To enjoy this lovely fruit, you just need to suck,; oh my God! It’s really mouthwatering. Actually this variety of mango is originated from Multan, Pakistan. This delicious mango can be available within Summer.

Flavor: Sweet
Fiber: Along with a little fiber, there is deep yellow pulp

Bombay Green

Within the Northern parts of India, Bombay Green is cultivated largely. Beside known as Bombay Green, it is also famous as Malda and Shehroli. It looks like Spanish green peel. With an aromatic flavor, it can entertain you easily. From May to July, you can enjoy this variety.

Flavor: Sweet
Flesh: There is no or a little fiber with hard pulp


It is the most famous and well-known mango variety within the countries of Indian-subcontinent. Varanasi is the home and primary source of this awesome and famous mango variety. But, Patna and Bihar, another two states of India, provide the best quality of this variety . The tart taste and juicy flavor of this mango can easily entertain you.

Flavor: Sweet
Flesh: Fiber-less and juicy pulp


It is the hybrid from Dasheri and Neelam mangoes. Amrapali was originated in 1971. Within a few years, people from all Indian subcontinent start growing it. This mango variety suits best for orchards and firms. For the small size and shape of the tree, you can also plant it in a container on the roof.

Flavor: Sweet
Flesh: It contains medium fibers, deep orange-red flesh


People from all over the world grow it and is also available throughout the season. The tastiest one comes in the month of June when monsoon starts.

Flavor: Sweet
Flesh: Having no fiber, it is juicy and semi-hard


The mango that hits the market first in the season is Banganpalli. The primary source of this mango is Andhra Pradesh state of India. People all over the world will surely like the unmistakable taste of this mango.

Flavor: Sour and sweet
Flesh: Firm and yellow flesh with no fiber

Chok Anan

This very mango is available and native to India, Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Beside famous as chok anan, it is also famous as honey or miracle mango. It is really awesome and fruits twice a year; in summer and winter.

Flavor: Sweet
Flavor: Having medium or no fiber, it is hard and yellow colored

Badam Mango

This is the mostly consumed variety of mangoes in India. This excellent mango variety is mostly famous for its size, color and juicy taste. The primary source of this mango are Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh state of India.

Flavor: Sweet
Fiber: Having no fiber, it is hard and juicy; yellow in color


The mango that is mostly unique for its shape, it’s totapuri. It’s oblong. There has pointed ends and golden yellow color. Also it can hit the market early in the season. People likes it for its distinctive sweet and sour taste.

Flavor: Sweet and sour
Flesh: Having no fiber, it’s hard

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