How to Grow Grapes from Cuttings and Propagating Grapes

If you are a fruit lover like me, perhaps the question that is going inside your mind is to know how to grow grapes from cuttings. As you know that one of the most popular methods of growing grapes is from its cutting. Today we’ll learn several methods of propagating grapes in detail.

Some of the plants are too easy to propagate at your home. Grape is the most popular among them and it is of less work and cost. To do so, all you need is grapevine (a few inches of), trimmed to include viable buds. Oh yah! You are on right track and carry on to grow some fresh grapes from your cuttings.

How to Grow Grapes from Cuttings and Propagating Grapes

Best four ways to propagate your grape

There are so many ways to propagate your gapes but today we’ll talk about those five which are the best choice and most popular among the gardeners all over the world. They are given below:

Hardwood cuttings

It is the most popular and common method to propagate your grapes. You cannot apply this method for types of grapes like Muscadine grapes. Every year, the grapes plant should be pruned with a view to ensuring a healthy and massive crop for the next year.

You must remember that if your mother grapes plants are too high from top to bottom, the rooting system won’t be able to feed all of your grapes. To maintain a balance height and required nutrition for your fruits, you cannot but prune. And this discarded cutting can be reused for a massive production of new plants every time.

In the fall or winter, take a cutting of 12-18 inches having 3-4 buds from the dormant plants. You must preserve the cuttings in a cold and moderate temperate environment to ensure enough moist for them until the growing season begins.

When the season comes, drip the cuttings in rooting hormones or callous to induce root growth; place them into the soil that are well prepared potting soil.

Ensure moisture for your soil. Hope you’ll see sprouts soon. Transplant them outdoors in the early to mid-summer only after you are sure that the cuttings are well established and firmly rooted in the pots.

propagating grapes from greenwood cutting

greenwood cutting refers to the cutting from active vines. This is a less reliable method for the beginners having the potential to dry out. For a few reasons, you can select to propagate from greenwood cuttings and they are given below: you can propagate in summer following this method.

  • Greenwood cuttings allow you to propagate from a friend or neighbor in spite of it being a growing season.
  • In a single year, it will allow you to produce a lot of new plants.
  • If you are not successful to grow some grapes from hardwood cuttings, you can try this method (for Vitis muscadine grapes or pigeon grapes).
  • Select a healthy grapevines and take a cutting of 4-6 inches long during late spring until late summer.

In order to minimize water loss, remove all but a single leaf. Dip your cutting’s end into rooting hormone and place in potting soil. Ensure a humid and warm environment for the best outcome. Within 1-2 weeks, the cuttings will have real rooting system.

Propagating grapes from layering

It refers to bury a portion of a grapevine for a short span of time till it starts rooting. During the growing season, it is the easiest and quickest method to produce a few new vines for the gardeners who just want 2-4 plants for home plantation.

Select a mother plant having a young and flexible vine near the ground level of 2-3 years old. Bend it until it reaches to the ground. Apply some soil to bury a portion of the vine. Ensure that you at least one node is buried. It is the part from where new rooting system will form when buried. To ensure continual growing, let the end of the vine left above ground. Separate the part from the mother plant soon after the rooting system is well established.

Propagating grapes from grafting

Home growers don’t follow the method because grapes are easy to produce rooting system from cuttings. Yet, grafting is a good way to replace an established vine with a desirable variety quickly. You have a grapevine and don’t like the taste? Graft it on a desirable variety cutting it back to the ground. It’s somewhat like hardwood cuttings. But, you’ll tape onto a selected portion of a grapevine instead of putting the cutting into the ground.

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