How to Grow Papaya Tree and Planting Guide

The papaya is a common and delicious fruit vegetable. Today we will learn how to grow papaya at farm and besides our house. The trees are long, having long stem and a big leaf. The fruits hang within such stem and top of the tree. On an average, the trees can grow to a height of 3-7 feet. Almost all around the year, papaya is found.

The young papaya is green, ripen is yellow. It is rich in vitamin A. it also cures ulcer, skin damage, kidney diseases and cancer as well. Papaya can be eaten both green as vegetable and ripen as fruit. Also it is mostly used as papaya juice which is one of the most useful soft drinks for our health and physical fitness. You can also see health benefits of papaya.

How to Grow Papaya Tree and Planting Guide

Issues to Remember

According to the climate, summer is best suited for papaya farming. Yet, it can be produced all around the seasons. We can farm the fruit vegetable in the land and beside our living area.

Types of Papaya

Papaya has several varieties and they are according to their size, shaped and geographical position. Papaya is widely known or firmed as papaya itself. It is a typical tropical fruit vegetable. In Eastern America, it is firmed as Mountain Papaya (Vasconcellea pubescens). Again it is regarded as Asimina triloba. For other purpose, it is firmed as Chaenomeles specoosa, Psudocydonia chinensis (Chinese quince) pawpaw.

Selecting Soil

Different reign has different types of soil. The fertility and PH is also different from one to another. But papaya is successfully grown in loamy and sandy loamy soil. The dyke needs to have a length of 22 meters and width 45 cm. the dyke must have a moderate and considerable height. Every seed hole must have a distance of 2 meters from each other and the area of the seed holes is  cm. If the selected area is high, seed holes will be  then.

Seedlings and the Time of Planting

In every seed hole, three seedlings are nominated to plant with a triangle shape as we do farming bitter melon. At the beginning of the summer or last of summer and first of rainy season is the perfect time for producing the seedlings and planting them into the firm.

Clearing the Weeds and Irrigation

Immediate measures will be taken if there is seen any weeds at the dyke of the land. In winter, irrigation will be applied after every 10-12 days and in summer, it will be after 6-7 days.

papaya irrigation

Uprooting the Useless Seedlings

After two months of planting the seedlings, the flower starts to bloom.  Much like pointed gourd, we must identify the male plant observing the shape of the flower. 1 male plant is allowed to grow in the land for each 10-12 female plant. The extra male plant will be uprooted.

Supporting the Plant

To protect the tree from being broken by the strong wind when they are full with fruit, we must install bamboo stick just beside the tree and tie it with the stick. We may need to use more than one stick according to the size and production of the tree.

Diseases of Papaya

It the disease attacks the seeds, they get rotten before germination. If the seedlings are attacked, several brown water marks are seen at the bottom of the plant.  Then the seedlings get broken easily. If the fungus attacks the leaves, they gradually turn into yellow or brown. It happens many times that the leaves get folded. The tree becomes smaller and results into a less production. Such germ is transferred by a kind of fly from one tree to another.

Collecting the Fruit

It starts to bloom within 3 months of planting and the fruit can be collected within 2-3 months of blooming. Papaya tree start giving the fruit in a short time and continues the process almost all around the year. Papaya can be eaten both as vegetable when green and fruit when ripen. So there is a vast demand of the vegetable. Thus, we can grow papaya following the above steps. Farming papaya can meet with the demand of our daily necessary and we can also be economically benefited marketing the vegetable.

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