9 Best Fruits to Grow in Buckets

9 Best fruits to grow in buckets or containers as well as vegetables. But you need to have bigger buckets for growing fruits than vegetables. You can use 5 gallons (19L) bucket to grow fruits. ‍So, You can repot later if necessary. You can repot every tree in every two years. Growing fruits in buckets or containers can help you to get delicious fruits of many varieties either you can get fresh fruits. Besides many fruit trees increase the beauty of your home and garden.  Here are the 9 Best Fruits to Grow in Buckets if you are a beginner or experienced gardener.

9 Best Fruits to Grow in Buckets

  1. Lemon

9 Best Fruits to Grow in Buckets

Lemon is a fruit of warm weather but it can grow in cold climate. Thus tangy and sour fruit can be successfully grown in buckets or containers at your rooftop, balcony or garden. Most of the varieties of lemon are suitable  to plant in buckets but some requires best specific conditions.

2. Apple

9 Best Fruits to Grow in Buckets


For growing in containers, dwarf apple trees are very suitable. You can keep them on balcony or on your rooftop. To grow apples in such small place, you need to choose self-fertile variety or a”family tree’ and manage a sunny environment.

3. Guava

9 Best Fruits to Grow in Buckets

The guava tree can provide you many things, delicious fruit, sweet scented flowers and beautiful appearance. It is a warm region fruit so it prefer sunny place and warm weather. You can easily grow this sweet fruit in pots or containers on sunny rooftop in your home.

4. Pineapple

growing pineapple in pots

Pineapple plants are small and they never grow above 4-6 feet tall. Besides, it has shallow roots which is very suitable for planting in pots. Though pineapples require warm and humid weather, you can grow it in colder environment where providing some direct sunlight daily.

5. Strawberry

growing strawberry in buckets

When you think about the best fruits to grow in buckets , the name of strawberry comes first.It does not require any big place or pot even you cam grow it in your balcony, You need to plant it in late summer or early autumn and must choose a sunny place. So, strawberry is the best fruit to grow in containers.

6. Pomegranate

growing Pomegranate in pots

Pomegranate is one of the healthiest and juiciest fruit and it is pretty easy  to grow in bucket. Because of having shallow roots than other large fruit trees it is suitable to grow in pot. If you plant guava or apple , it won’t be difficult for you to grow Pomegranate. You need to plant it in an open and sunny place.

7. Cherry

growing cherry in buckets

Cherry is beautiful and sweet fruit which suitable to plant in buckets. Bush cherry is most suitable for planting in buckets. Cherry trees prefer mild climate and little water and do not accept over watering. It can tolerate cold weather but in can be damaged by drought. A 15 gallon (57L) is enough for 5 feet tree. Make sure that the container must have some holes for drainage.

8. Watermelon

growing watermelon in buckets

Watermelon is a common fruit and you can grow it in buckets. But it needs good support system and well drainage system buckets. Watermelon growing is similar to cucumber growing. You must pant it in a sunny place. It requires a lot of water but not super wet soil.

9. Peaches

growing peaches in buckets

You need to consider few things if you want to grow peach tree. Though peach tree has no dwarf root-stock, some varieties grow smaller naturally.  But they produce full size fruits and trees remains smaller about 5 feet in height.  Golden glory is such kind of dwarf variety of peach tree which grow naturally. You need to choose a place which get 6 hours of direct sunlight or more.

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