How to Grow Bottle Gourd, Its Nutrition and Attendance

Bottle Gourd is one of the most important winter vegetables. The leaf is simple and alternate, stem is long and there are some empty space inside. It is seen everywhere in our country. Bottle Gourd is classified into different class and race according to their size and color. Now a day Bottle Gourd is found all over the world. It can be used with different curries to eat. We need to cultivate it in advance.

How to Grow Bottle Gourd

Nutrition of Bottle Gourd and Health Benefit

Bottle Gourd helps to remove harmful cloistral. Potassium in Bottle Gourd is helpful for high blood pressure patient. Bottle Gourd contains vitamin B fiber and mineral that helps to solve the problem of digestion. It is essential for keeping liver healthy .Jaundice patient can drink leaf juice.

You can drink juice of Bottle Gourd with Ginger and Black pepper. It solves the respiration problem, protect Kidney and prevent urine infection. Vitamin C and Zinc that contain in Bottle Gourd keep our skin fit and naturally tight. Consuming Bottle Gourd at morning will prevent fat from our body.

Climate for Bottle Gourd Farming

Bottle Gourd can be grown well in winter .But we need to remember that air light and temperature plays a vital role in producing them.


It can be cultivated in all kind of land. Loamy is highly suitable for it. A lot of natural soil needs to be applied for producing in sandy soil. Recently it has been made possible to produce Bottle Gourd in sandy soil with the invention of hybrid Bottle Gourd.

Types of Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd has no many species but is called by several names such as white flowered Gourd, calabash or Bottle Gourd. But there is a huge variety of size, color and shape. So, one can produce them according to his choice and necessity.

Finalizing the Soil and Sowing the seed

bottle gourd seeds

High land is needed for sowing seeds. 7 to 10 days after giving manure in the appointed place, 3 or 4 seed will be sowed. The Bottle Gourd seedling will be sowed separating the area into several pieces and a young seedling will be sowed in every seed hole.

Time of Producing Bottle Gourd

As it is mainly a winter vegetable, we need to start the farming process within the winter. Now a day’s Bottle Gourd is produced all around the year.

Sowing Seed and Producing Seedling

We can sow seeds following two methods. The seed can be sowed directly or use Polythene bag filled with 50% rotted cow dung or natural manure for making soil. The width of bag is 7.5 cm and height 12-15 cm. Two or three cavities under the bag is to let the extra water out. After sowing the seed for 10-15 days, two healthy seedlings will be nominated to each hole and the other seedlings will also be uprooted.

The Depth of Sowing Seed

2.0-2.5 cm. The seedling will grow after 4-5 days.

Sowing Seedling

Two fresh and healthy seedlings are sowed at the distance of 2 meters. We must scaffold the seedling as well. Scaffold will help to germinate the seed and increase the growth of the seedlings.

Disease and ‍Attendance

bottle gourd insects

Irrigating the land and scaffolding is the main attendance for Bottle Gourd farming. Unlike broccoli and green bean, it requires a lot of irrigation. We need to notice so that the seedling can move freely out of the scaffold. Bottle Gourd trees absorb a huge water and so we need to irrigate them regularly.

Filling Up the Space

If any seedling dies out or does not germinate yet, we need to fill up the space with seedlings extracted from the other space.

Providing Scaffold

After 15 or 20 cm long seedling, bamboo fence is provided to the seedling as scaffold.

Fly and Fodder Insects

These insects hamper tender tip or leaf and the tree becomes weak. As a result the growth rate fails down. Fly lays eggs on the Bottle Gourd. It breeds more insect that devoured the tender part of the Bottle Gourd.

Powdery Disease

Bottle Gourd is also affected by powdery disease and the leaf gets gray or fade color.


If there is any symptom of these diseases in your garden, please have a consultation with the nearest agriculture officer to fix it as soon as possible.

The Way for Bottle Gourd High Production

Bottle Gourd is one of the notable vegetables in our country. It has already achieved a high price value for its immense significance. By producing more Bottle Gourds, the farmer becomes economically benefited. We need to remember that Bottle Gourd trees hold much flowers but breed a less in comparison. So we can pollinate them artificially.

For the process, there should be a combination of male and female flower. We can control the rat trapping them. If there is ants attacking the flower, ash can be spread over them. However, we can grow a lot of Bottle Gourd or can increase the production rate by proper care and steps when necessary.

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