How to Grow Green Beans, Nutrition and Care

How to grow green beans? this is a very popular and one of the mostly produced vegetables. You can cultivate it all around the year but summer befits best for it. Dense fog or bitter winter will always hamper successful harvesting. Green Beans is a seasonal vegetable nevertheless it may be found around the year. That can be tasted as fry, Mashed or vegetable, also it contains a lot of nutrition which is mostly required for our health.

how to grow green beans

Nutrition of Green Beans

48 calories energy, 10 grams carbohydrates and 2.6 grams protein are derived from per 100 gm. green or violet Green Beans. It contains no fat and unhealthy cloistral. Much like Broccoli, Okra, Ridge Gourd and Cabbage, it also contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium, iron, magnesium different vitamin and mineral.

Soil for Green Beans Farming

Green Beans is a sensitive vegetable. So, soil for it should be selected carefully for a successful farming. Loamy and sandy loamy soil is suitable in this case.

Variety of Green Beans

Green Beans is mainly of three groups-

  1. Unguiculata
    In this group, there are several well-known species of Green Beans such as black-eyed pea, southern pea, crowder-pea. One can produce them according to their wish, importance and necessity.
  1. Biflora
    Catjang and Sow-pea are the main species in this category.
  1. Sesquipedalis
    We can also select some of the species from this category. Chinese long-bean, asparagus bean and yardlong bean are included in this section.

Season of Sowing Seeds

The seeds need to be sowed in summer when the soil gets much warmth for germination. Green Beans seeds cannot germinate due to bitter cold.

Amount of Seed

green beans seeds

Seed we need for Green Beans farming is 100-125 gram for per century or 8-10 kg for per hector.

Preparing Soil for Green Beans

Plough the land for 4 or 5 times and make the soil ready by ladder. Make sure that the land is free from weeds. Justify the moisture of soil for proper germination.

Quantity of Fertilizer

Fertilizer Name – Amount per hundred – Amount per hector

  • Urea                      100 gram                    250 kg
  • TSP                        90 gram                      225 kg
  • MOP                      75 gram                     185 kg
  • Cow dung             20 kg                           5 ton

The Method of Fertilizer Appliance

Cow dung, full dose of TSP and half dose of MOP are applied at the time of last ground rubbing. 20 days after sowing seed, 100 gram urea and the rest MOP fertilizer is applied.

Sowing Seeds

For a successful attempt to produce Green Beans, make rows two meters far from each other. Sow the seeds 25-30 cm apart from is other. According to the specie, the distance can be reduced or increased to 1 meter.

Care of Green Beans

green beans planting

Scaffold the land when the plants are young enough. If the soil loses moisture or becomes hard excessively, irrigate the farm immediately. Free the land from weeds. The management of insects and disease is same as bean. Fodder insect and fruit cavity Insect are main problems for Green Beans farming.

Crop Collection and Production

After knitting seed for 50-60 days, it can be collected. It is possible to grow Green Beans about 30-60 kg at per century and 10-12 ton for per hector.

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