How to Grow Broccoli, Its Alimentation and care

Broccoli or green cauliflower is a new type of cauliflower descent for many people. Few days ago, Broccoli was unknown and back dated vegetable to us. But recently it has become favorite as benefited vegetable and is congratulated all over the world. Because Broccoli, from another vegetables of coli is very nutritious and cancer prevented descents comparatively. You can also see how to grow broccoli in container.

How to Grow Broccoli

Alimentation per 100 g of Broccoli

  • Protein- 3.3 g
  • Starch- 3500 I.U
  • Vitamin (A) – 200 mg
  • Besides vitamin C, it is a great source of calcium and iron.

Broccoli is originated in Italy. It’s called Italian Broccoli. The term “Broccoli” has been derived from Italian word “brooco”. It is the most favorite vegetable in Italy and USA as well. Broccoli contains cancer protective elements. Santa Barbar of USA California University has declared it. A survey says that that there is a special element of compound of isotheyosayanet in Broccoli that plays an important role in cancer prevention.

It is known to us that it also prevents breast cancer. Many children of our country are suffer from night blindness and/ or permanent blindness. Broccoli can protect children from night blindness and blindness by providing vitamin A. Besides, it increases the power of disease prevention and prevent various impediments. Broccoli is highly delicious and nutritious vegetable yea. Its primary as well medial bloom is inflected in green colored posy. The posy is eaten as fry, soup and curry as well. People eat it just as boiled or fresh vegetable.

Use of Broccoli Stems

Also we can the stems of broccoli. Stems is softer. In many countries, people use the stems for making pickle. Cauliflower is a collected once but Broccoli is economically viable being collected several times. The price of Broccoli is higher than cauliflower. There is a great potentiality of Broccoli to cultivate it commercially. This vegetable is exportable.

Climate of Broccoli Cultivation (Recommended)

Broccoli is a vegetable of moderate temperature. Cold and humid climate is better for sound growth. This is high temperature and drought sustainable. Average temperature suitable for Broccoli cultivation is 15 to 200 C per month. The gentle winter (having some rainfall) climate is suitable. It needs enough sunlight for Broccoli cultivation.

Soil for Broccoli

It needs organic manure sufficiently for successful cultivation of Broccoli. Fertile soil and the soil acid alkalinity (PH) 6.0-7.0 is good. Sandy loam and loam is the best choice for the cultivation for broccoli. However, ensure irrigation and drainage facilities for the cultivation of Broccoli.

Variety of Broccoli

People all over the world cultivate it not only in sunny season but also in cold season. There are several types of Broccoli and all of them are highly productive. Calabrese Broccoli, Purple Broccoli, Sprouting Broccoli and Broccoli- Raab are well known types of Broccoli all over the world. The Gai- Lon or Chinese Broccoli, F1- Hybrid and OP are also some productive Broccoli.

The Amount of Seed

It needs 150 gm. of seeds for the cultivation of per hector.

Seed Selection

The source and variety of seed should be verified accurately for selection.

The Nursery and Seedling Production of Broccoli

planting broccoli seeds

The production of seedling is very important for the cultivation of Broccoli. Open space with drainage system for water is suitable for the creation of nursery places. Moreover, there should be irrigation facilities near the nursery for the production of seedlings. Plough the land with spade and refine the soil minutely. The first seed bed should be frequent. After growing seedlings for 10-12 days, transfer it to second seed bed.

At the second seed bed,plant some young plant at a distance of 5-10 cm away of row and 2.5 cm far from each other. It needs irrigation and shade after planting. It will take 5-6 days to establish the seedlings. Continue irrigation  for 1 day after another and 5-7 days after a proper establishment. The seedlings will be stronger in this way. Seedling becomes spindle shanked, tall and weak for additional irrigation and that the tree does not yield as expected.

Distance of Planting the Seedlings

50 cm from seedling to seedling and 602 cm from row to row.

Land Making for Broccoli

Select the land which gets sunlight throughout the day. Then plough it very well for the preparation of soil. Plough 4-5 time across the soil making equal by ladder.

For planting the young plant in two rows, bed should be planned of 15-20 cm height. Select 30 cm wide and 10-15 cm depth canal for drainage and movement. Use soil of the canal to heighten the bed.

The Amount of Fertilizer and Applied Methods

If there is lack of fertility in the land, you can’t hope for a better growth of the seedling. The yielding become decrease.  So fertilizer is essential for Broccoli cultivation. 100 KGs of lime for a hector if acid-alkalinity of soil (PH) is under 5.5 with a view to having a good result.

Following Care

  1. One week after the first day of planting, irrigation should be given lightly.
  2. Later, 8-10 day after and after irrigation should be given.
  3. Break fence cleft soil for natural growth of Broccoli when some juice exist in soil after irrigation.
  4. Apply some manure on the ground after the irrigation.
  5. Canal need to be clean all time for irrigation and drainage system. Additional irrigation or rain water need to get out from land.

Grabbing the Gap

Sow some additional seeds in the seedbeds. Some seedling primarily dies at the time of sowing. If seedling dies in mail land, the some seedling can fill up in this process.


It is an appropriate time to collect during 60- 70 days after sowing Broccoli. Collect the steams cutting 3 inches from pollen by sharp knife or blade. In this ways. We can collect broccoli during 1 month for several times. Collect the pollen  when it coins.


It is possible to produce Broccoli at about 12-13 tons per hector taking a proper care and minute observation. Stay with us

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