Eggplant Insects and ‍Diseases Management

Eggplant is the most popular vegetable all around the world (Eggplant Insects). For its immense importance and for being able to survive to all season, egg plant is cultivated all over the year. But the insects cause the maximum damage to the production. So, it is essential to identify them and to take immediate measures controlling them. if you want to know how to grow eggplant following easy and scientific method, I have a post regarding it. you can follow eggplant firming and attendance.

eggplant insects and ‍diseases

Insects of Eggplant

At least 16 types of insects hamper the eggplant. Among them, the drilling insect is the most harmful that drills the plant and the fruit vegetable as well. Some farmers call them as moth. The others do not harm so acutely. If any measure is not taken controlling the drilling insect, it can destroy 50-70% of the total production. So, it is mostly necessary to take proper steps to save the production. University of Maryland Extension have discussed Insect Pest Management in Eggplant in detail.

Controlling Method at Farmer Level

Most of the farmer is still relayed on the pesticides controlling the insect. Yet the insect is not controlled totally. Gradual applying the pesticides creates a negative impact on the consumers. So, frequent applying of pesticide is not human friendly. As a result, there seen a protest against pesticide application. An effective measure is essential and has no alternative.

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Possible Measure

We must avoid the application of pesticides and take a measure to minimize the reaction effect on human body, to become economically benefited and to maintain a balance on ecosystem as a whole. To minimize the coast and to control the insect fruitfully, a concerted insect management system is recommended.

Steps to follow:

Selecting tolerant species

The eggplant being cultivated in our country is not tolerant to the insect at all. Yet we need to remember that there are several species which are tolerant and the attack of the insect is less than the other. So, we need to select tolerant types of eggplant so that we can decrease the risk of the insect.

Using the fresh seedlings

If we use the affected seedling, there is a possibility to spread the insect all around the farm. So, it is better to avoid planting such a seedling affected by the insect.

Using balanced fertilizer

It is essential to use balanced fertilizer in the eggplant firm. At most of the cases, the farmers apply the urea only. Obviously the quantity of the applied fertilizer is more than the demand. As a result, the plant becomes softer and the insect can attack easily. So, to prevent the insect, we must use the required amount of fertilizer only.

Keeping the firm clean

The leaves and the branches of the tree which are on the ground or are attached with the tree, the dried leaves, grass and weeds must be cleared from the farming area regularly. Because the tender insect or the egg of the insect takes shelter into the rubbish and attacks the vegetable and plant.

Farming another vegetable

If the same vegetable is farmed in a particular land, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage the insect. So, we need to grow different vegetable in the firm and thus the effect of the insect can be minimized automatically.

Destroying the affected fruit and plant

We must visit the land at least once in a week. The tender insect destroys the inside of the branches before it becomes fruity. So, the top of such branch gets dried. Such an affected plant or branch must be destroyed. The collected plant or the fruit vegetable must not be allowed to throw here and there beside the farm. They should be grounded or burnt.

Using sex pheromone trap

To attack the male insect, the female emits a kind of chemical element. It is known as sex pheromone. Such a trap is environment friendly and attracts only the drilling insect of the eggplant.

To make a trap, a pot having the capacity of 3 liters of water is used. A plastic pot is used as a lid on the watery pot. The plastic pot is cut at the bottom and soap water is kept in the main pot. The pheromone is hung just 2-3 cm from the water. The insect will come being affected by the pheromone and surely die being drown into the water. Such a trap is placed 10 m far from the eggplant tree. The more the height of the tree will increase, the more height of the trap is allowed. We must be alert so that the water of the pot does not dry out. Always the upper side or the entrance of the trap will be opened.

Applying a little amount of pesticide

If the attack of the insect is acute and the situation seems not to be controlled by the alternative ways, a little dose of pesticide can be applied. But, we must remember that, we should not collect eh vegetable after the application of any chemical. It is best to use any kind of chemical with the recommendation of an agriculture officer. Also we need to place the pesticides out of the reach of the children.

Thus, it is clear how harmful the drilling insect is. So must be alert and careful preventing them.

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