How to Grow Tomatoes and Tomato Plant Care

How to Grow Tomatoes and Tomato Plant Care. Tomato is one of the most popular winter vegetables. It a salad vegetable containing a lot of vitamin A and C as the tomato juice contains. along with these, it contains a particular element namely beta carotene that prevents night blindness. Also there are protein, mineral, carbohydrates and so on. Consumption of at least one tomato can reduces the possibility of cancer. It can be farmed as major harvest. Also it can be firmed gifted with potato. So, we will learn how to grow tomatoes and tomato plant care.

how to grow tomatoes care

Time for Seedbed

As tomato is a winter vegetable, we need to take preparation before winter to get the production timely. So, we need to complete the seedbeds before winter and just at the ending period of rainy season.

Planting Method

We can grow tomatoes in almost every kind of soil. Yet, for the purpose, we can prefer the sandy loamy soil. When the seedlings grow to a proper height (20-25 days), transfer them in the farming land. The seedlings are planted in a bed having a height of 10-15 cm from the ground. Obviously there should have drainage facilities. We need to water the plant soon after they are planted.  The distance between raw to raw is 50 cm and seedlings to seedlings 40-45 cm.

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Types of Tomato

There are a number of varieties of tomato. They differ in shape, color and time of production. One can produce according to his desire and necessity. Some of the note worthy species is as below.

Cherry Tomato

It is the best kind of tomato for the beginner in land or pot. It is usually small in shape and having a multiple color that looks amazing.

Determinate Types of Tomato

Actually this kind of tomato plant is tall (approximately 60-90 cm) and the top of the plant holds the flower, not the leaves. These flowers will turn into the vegetable fruit and after the process, the plant dies at last.

Indeterminate Types of Tomato

This particular type of tomato needs stalk to support. The plant is later than the determinate type of tomato and continues to produce the fruit for a longer period than the above.

Salad Tomato

It is also a determiner tomato having a shape of 2-3”. Mostly use on sandwiches as slice. It is obviously different from the cherry tomato for being juicer. There are also some types more. One can select any one of them according to his wish.

tomato salad

Preparing Land and Applying Fertilizer

The land should be prepared being ploughed twice or thrice and use ladder to level the land. We need to apply half of the cow dung and TSP while preparing the land. Rest of the cow dung will be applied at the bottom of the plant along with the mixture of urea and potassium being divided into two divisions. The quantity of fertilizer is as below (per Accor).

  • Urea 80-100 kg
  • TSP 60-80 kg
  • MP 68-92 kg
  • Gypsum 20-30 kg
  • Boron 1-2 kg
  • Cow dung 4 tons


Maintaining irrigation is a must in cause of dry season. Irrigation can be applied for 3 times considering the condition of the soil and moisture.


We must clear the weeds soon after they are seen. To get a maximum and expected production, we must provide a support of bamboo stick. To ensure the actual growth of the plant, we may need to cut the extra branches off. Also we need to train and prune to get the actual vegetable.

Diseases and Insect Management

Drilling insect can be a major concern. Sometime the rotten disease of the plant is also noticed. Late blight of tomato is also one of the destructive facts farming tomato. If these happen so, we need to have a consultation with an agriculture officer and apply pesticide according to the recommendation. You can also see farming tomato diseases.

Collecting the Seeds

We must reserve the ripen vegetable for 3-4 days so that they can be softer. The fruit is cut into two parts and the seeds are kept into a glass pot or plastic pot for 48 hours. Then, wash the seeds into clear water.

Collecting the Vegetable

60-90 after the plantation, the plant starts to produce ripen fruit and they become perfect for collection. Tomato can be collected in green or ripen. On an average, 7-10 times, the vegetable can be collected from a plant. If the fruit is seemed to be yellow at the bottom, the fruit becomes suitable for collection. According to the variety, 80-100 kg tomatoes can be produced per century.

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