How to Get Top 10 Importance of Minerals for Health

How to Get Top 10 Importance of Minerals for Health. To maintain a healthy heart rate, to build strong bones, to boost brain power and to make hormones, some essential elements are required and minerals are the top of them. We must follow a diet of food to get those minerals as our body cannot produce them automatically. So, today we are opting to discuss about such 10 minerals and the best source to get them.

How to Get Top 10 Importance of Minerals for Health

01. Calcium For Your Health

In developing our fitness, the contribution of calcium can hardly be denied as it plays a vital role building our bones, controlling cholesterol level, regulating blood pressure and overall, maintaining healthy heart. Calcium is also a crucial mineral for the production of milk at the time of pregnancy.

To Eat For Calcium

There is a considerable amount of calcium in broccoli, okra, salmon, dried figs, sardines, oysters and green leafy vegetable. We can easily produce and find all of them. We can also get such an important mineral by milk and dairy products.

02. Magnesium For Your Health

For enzyme catalyzed reaction imperative which is very essential for the regular and normal course of the body, magnesium is a so called mineral. Also it plays and important role developing our heart, brain and keeps our kidneys healthy.

To Eat For Magnesium

There are a lot of source of magnesium in the nature. We can get such mineral from nuts, soybean, legumes, leafy greens, beans, and whole grains. We can also get it from the seeds of pumpkin and flaxseeds and sunflower.

03. Phosphorus For Your Health

Phosphorus is one of the so called mineral in developing our strong bones and teeth as calcium. It works as a complement of keeping our body fit and providing enough energy for regular work.

To Eat For Phosphorus

Meat, poultry, eggs, mushrooms nuts legumes and dairy production can provide us the required amount of phosphorus.

04. Iron For Your Health

Iron is one of the mostly required minerals of our body as it is essential for the formation of red blood cells and for the transformation of oxygen in the body. This is why it is called the blood minerals. Supporting the immune system, it also regulates our growth. For a better understanding of how to get top 10 importance of minerals must see.

To Eat For Iron

There are several foods that contain iron such as liver, dried beans, peas, lean meat, nuts, iron fortified cereal and organic apricots.

05. Zinc For Your Health

Zinc is essential and it helps for our immunity and heals wounding. Besides maintaining eyes health and liver function, it is a crucial element for our sexual development and reproduction. We know zinc as anti-oxidant.

To Eat For Zinc

Soybeans, lima beans, mushrooms, black eyed peas, pumpkin and its seeds eggs, vegetable and colored fruits are the best source of zinc.

06. Sodium For Your Health

Sodium is one of the important and noteworthy minerals that contribute in digestion and maintain chemical composition of blood. It also keeps a control over our blood pressure regulating the blood volume.

To Eat For Sodium

Beets, okra, unrefined organic salt, coconut, dried fruits, carrots are the reliable source of sodium.

07. Selenium For Your Health

A vital fluid mineral, selenium, which is also an anti-oxidant, helps to aid our immune system and thyroid gland function.

To Eat For Selenium

We can get selenium from organ meats, dairy, seafood, butter, garlic and Brazil nuts to boost our selenium content.

08. Potassium For Your Health

Much like sodium, potassium is also a fluid mineral which is essential for the fluid balance and blood pressure regulation. People regards it as nerve tonic because it aids our sensory function.

To Eat For Potassium

There is a considerable amount of potassium in potato, fatty fish, avocado, tomato, banana, poultry, spinach and celery.

09. Iodine For Your Health

The contribution of iodine in developing our skin, hair and nails can never be denied. It is also indispensable for the production of thyroid hormones.

To Eat For Iodine

We can get iodine from fresh seafood, turnip greens, iodizes salt, Swiss chard, spinach and summer squash.

10. Manganese For Your Health

Combining with the other minerals, manganese promotes a healthy immune system. It has hardly any comparison in producing sex hormones, blood clotting along with healthy nail, hair and skin.

To Eat For Manganese

We can get necessary manganese in avocados, green leafy vegetables, blueberries, pineapples, kelp, green tea, eggs, wheat germ and beetroot.

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