How to Grow Snake Plant Faster and Care

One of the most common questions that every gardener poses is how to grow snake plant faster or how to care of them. Not because snake plants are highly economical; but because they are potentially decorative. Also few plants have the mesmerizing beauty of snake plants also known as Sansevieria. Morever, this amazing plants are used to decorate your home, office and other inhabitants like restaurants and resorts. Very few plants are as easy as it to grow. Snake plants are fantastic, simple to care for and the most amazing feature is that, they are very hard to kill or destroy. You can easily find them and they’ll cost you a little amount.

How to Grow Snake Plant Faster

Growth rate for snake plants

Generally, snake plants grow at a slow rate in moderate temperature or in indoors. But, if you can ensure enough sunlight or plant them outsides or in a garden, they will show their best growth rate. The maximum height and width won’t be the same for every plants and they will depend on the very varieties you have planted. But for your kind consideration, I cannot but mention that S. trifaciata laurentii is the most common variety of this plant having their straight, sharp and long leaves extending from the roots and soil.

Growth rate for snake plants

How to stunt growing rate of snake plants

In order to give a look of certain way for your snake plants, you need to control its growth. The growth of every variety can be stunted through many ways. But if you want to follow the easiest method, you need to stop the leaf from gaining excessive heights by clipping its tip off.

By doing so, you will be able to control the particular hormone that allows the upward growth and the leaves are ceased easily.

Also you can stunt the growth of Sansevieria through the size of the pot in which it is planted. By selecting a small pot, you can ensure a poor growth and development of the roots. The roots are also forced to span in a smaller area. It’ll help your snake plants to stay inward at the same time, to control growing additional leaves at the basement from the soil.

Though a small pot can contain snake plants, you can repot it within a few years only if you want your snake plants to keep getting larger. Many of the gardeners actually wait for sansevierial to break the pot with its roots before planting. They can do it for they planted the plants in a clay pot so that they can easily crack the pot to transplant or repot.

How to handle the undesirable growth of snake plants

To control the unexpected outward growth, divide the plan simply and remove the unwanted leaves. In cause of your wish to have multiple plants, you can place the divided plants into another pots. They’ll also do well for having their own rooting system namely rhizome. Rhizome is the horizontal rooting system which allows it to produce new shoots or leaves.

Again, cutting the rhizome dividing two shoots refers to develop two different plants.

Alternatively, to control unwanted growth, simply cut the leaves at a considerable height and the leaves won’t grow larger any more. Then, discard the cutting portion. You need to remember that these cutting portions are not of no use and you can use them to produce some new plants. To do so, you just need to cut the leaves into smaller portions, approximately 2-3 inches long.


Put the portions to dry out for one or two days. It’ll ensure that the edges of the leaves are not moist. To propagate, you can apply some potting soil into some pots and place them into the pots. Ensure the same facing direction in the new pots as they were in the old. They’ll be able to start a new rooting system soon.

To curb upward and outward growth, push your Sansevieria into blooming. They’ll attempt to propagate somewhere else except there is no means to grow in either direction. Remember, they don’t bloom often. But once they start blooming, they won’t grow any new leaves.

The snake plants are a major choice for the gardeners and plants lovers for its different beneficial qualities. So, if you are in need of a clean and beautiful, green foliage, snake plants are for you to have your own.

How fast do they grow?

It is difficult to put an actual number down; and it depends on the variety of your snake plants that you are dealing with. Also the conditions of growing area are major. For example, if you have an S. trifaciata laurentii, it might grow as much as 2-3 inches within a month only if the conditions are optimal. The growing rate will be less than that if the lighting, water and temperature will not suit best for growing condition. Also, this will be different for the other species of snake plant.

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