Health Benefits of Mushrooms and Its Nutritional Value

Health Benefits of Mushrooms and Its Nutritional Value. Being not technically plants, mushrooms are mostly classified in the food section as a vegetable belonging to the fungi kingdom. It provides multiple nutrition in spite of being not a particular type of vegetable. In the diet, it is necessary to have a plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it happens that they lack the desired nutrition. Mushrooms, then, retains their complimentary qualification in this regard.

Health Benefits

Containing some vegetable nutrients, mushrooms play a vital role developing our fitness. Regular consumption proves to minimize overall mortality rate, obesity, various kinds of heart problems and fatal disease like diabetes. Increasing our strength, they control physical weight. Some of the major facts are here to be mentioned noteworthy.

Preventing Cancer

Mushrooms provide a huge amount of antioxidants as we can get from tomato, green beans, pumpkins, broccoli and so many other vegetables. Free radicals, is a particular type of chemical that can harm our cells leading to cancer, is being prevented or destroyed by the antioxidants from mushrooms.

Healing Heart

Mushrooms provide a max amount of fiber, vitamin C and potassium. Potassium regulates our blood pressure along with sodium. Consumption of mushrooms regularly has hardly any comparison maintaining blood pressure and healing the heart thereby. Regular consumption of Mushroom after drinking tomato juice is best fruitful in this regard.

Controlling Diabetes

A recent statistics has proved that a cup of grilled portabella and a cup of stir- tried shiitake mushrooms, one of them is enough to provide 3 grams of fiber. Such a digestive fiber improves digestive system minimizing the metabolic syndrome and various heart disease as well. Also we can apply bitter melon juice for the same purpose.

Maintaining Physical Weight

Mushrooms hold their unique position controlling physical weight providing food fiber. There are two kinds of fiber in it and they are “beta-glucans” and “chitin”. Increasing satiety and reducing appetite, they can minimize calorie intake insuring you feel fuller longer. According to some specialists, red spinach is the only food standing before it containing food fiber.

health benefits of mushrooms

Nutritional Value

Mushrooms are commonly regarded as functional food having a lower amount of sodium, calories, cholesterol and fat. It will be well noticed if we consider that a cup of slice or raw mushrooms can give us

  • Fat-0 mg
  • Protein-2.2 mg
  • Calories- 15
  • Carbohydrates-2.3 gm
  • Fiber-0.7 gm
  • Sugar-1.4 gm

Disrespecting of the variety and size and color, same amount of mushrooms will provide the same amount of food value and nutrition.

Vitamins and Minerals

Mushrooms is such a food rich in vitamin B including b1, b2, b3, b5 and b9 that help getting energy and maximizing red cells as well.

Boosting fetal health, during pregnancy, the women are consulted to have folate of folic acid. Containing a vast amount of B, they improve our memory and healthy brain at the same time.

To improve our sleeping and muscle movement along with sharpening the memory, “choline” is an important nutrient which we can get from mushrooms. Let’s check out a survey regarding the food value of mushrooms in different quantity and items.

19 grams mushroom, in cuisine of Japan, provides us with.

  • Calories-           6 gm.
  • Dietary fiber-    0.5 gm.
  • Carbohydrate-  1.29 gm.
  • Sugar-               0.45 gm.
  • Fat-                    0.09 gm.

Another kind of mushrooms namely “portabella”, 84 grams contains:

  • Protein-            1.77 gm.
  • Fiber-                1.1 gm.
  • Fat-                   0.29 gm.
  • Calories-           18 gm.
  • Carbohydrate-  3.25 gm.
  • Sugar-               2.10 gm.

Task to Follow

This is important to remove the stem, clean the portabella one and apply a mixture of onion, garlic apply a mixture of olive oil and vinegar for approximately an hour. Keep it under a grill for approximately for 10 minutes.


  1. Select the mushrooms which are confirm farmed.
  2. They should be dry and unbruised.
  3. Slimy on withered one must be avoided.
  4. Preserve it into deep refrigerator.
  5. Don’t wash it before using for service.

Health Risk

Uncultivated mushrooms can be dangerous for our health. Tonic mushrooms cause immediate illness bitterly and sometimes, consumption of tonic one may lead us to death. Several report has proved that will mushrooms can provide tonic element of chemical group at a considerable level. Eating beta-glucans (contained by mushrooms) in a high rate can be harmful for the people who are suffering from lupus, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Thing to Remember

We should remember that we should not eat to satisfy our stomach or to fulfill our hunger. Always, over eating tells upon our health.

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