Tomato Companion Plants | What is Companion Plants?

Are you thinking about some companion plants for your tomato? Are you a little bit worry about selecting them? I’ve got you and here to aid you by describing you about the best tomato companion plants for the best outcome.

What is companion plants?

Companion plants are the plants that attract the beneficial insects, ensure the maximum growth and optimize the overall outcome. That’s all we need in gardening, don’t we? So, why late? Make a plan of doing so and discover the best companion for your tomato plants.

Tomato Companion Plants

Companion plants in tomato garden

You must be sure of a host of possible setback in developing a tomato garden. There are pests like tomato hornworms, whiteflies and aphids can attack any time. Also there is fungal diseases. Vigilant weeding and pruning can come to a great work in these crisis but selecting the best companion plants and growing them along with your tomato can really reduce the damage naturally.

Ok ok ok!!!! Keep calm. I’m to the point now and describing these plants.

Basil as a natural shield

Did you know before that tomato and basil are like soulmates on and off the plate? Let us know why? Basil is the aromatic and vibrant herb that obviates pests like flies and hornworms. Basil is another trustable source to improve yield.

Garlic as a common companion

It is said to obviate spider mites. You know that a spray of garlic saves the soil and plants in cause of blight.

Parsley as a compliment of basil

Another classic pairing for your tomato can be parsley. You need to know why. It ensures growth. At the same time, it aids you attracting the harmful insects like lady bug, and hornworms. Of course you need to keep it enough away from mint.

French marigold and nasturtiums

marigold and nasturtiums can really be excellent companion for your tomato. I’m sure that you know marigold is shown to dispel root knot nematodes. Of course you are now clear that it is the parasite that feed off the tomato plants directly by aiding the root system. Please don’t allow them get too close as nasturtiums can overtake its neighbor plants if not controlled properly.

Squash and borage as another companion

Shouldn’t I disclose a trio of companion for your tomato? You need to know Squash and borage make a perfect trio of companion with tomato only, most probably for the best timing of planting. Borage, an herb having a blue star shaped blossoms, is a pollinator in a general sense, also obviates the hornworms. So, it improves the growth and favors the tomato a lot.


The give and take of good companion is illustrated by asparagus. Your focused veg, i.s tomato repels asparagus beetles with solanine. At the same time asparagus helps to clear the soil of root knot nematodes.

Plants never to grow with tomato

Of course it is of great business to deal about some companion plants as a guide especially when you are planning a garden layout in any of the seasons. At the same time, it is also necessary to talk about those plants that do not befit with tomato. For example, tomato does not dance smoothly with any member of cabbage family. So, kale, cauliflower, kohlrabi etc. will obviously stunt the development.

At the same time, the chain of the relationship is not always the same in action. I’ll clear it; see, the fennel is harmful to your tomato in spite of being a carrot relative. But the carrot itself is a good companion in the meantime.

Again, in early or late blight, the eggplant is susceptible to the disease like tomatoes. So, what’s the outcome? it takes a heavy toll on soil making it tougher for the next year.

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