Grafted Tomato Plants With Potato New Tips and Tricks

Grafted Tomato Plants with potato! What and exceptional experience! A recent report has proved that it is possible to grow potato and tomato at the same time following the grafting method (potato +tomato = pomato). Potato at the ground and tomato at the top of the same tree has brought about a revolution in the field of production. It is really fantastic to think over the fact. But it is no longer our imagination.

Now we can materialize our dream to grow tomato and potato at the same pot, at the same time. Such an adventurous task will make us avail of getting the nutrition and benefits of the both vegetable at a time. Tomato juice is a popular soft drinks and potato is universally a perfect raw vegetable.

grafting plants tomato and potato

From a related source, it has been informed that a tree holds several tomatoes at its branch and potatoes at the ground. To make the success universal, we are about to reveal the technique to all.

Preparation of Grafting

Before making the seedbeds, the land must be irrigated for 2-3 times. Tomato seedbeds should be watered as well. When the both seedlings becomes of 22 days, the tomato plant is grafted with the potato plant. Select the both plant having a same width and capacity. If the tomato plant becomes weaker or stronger than the other, such a mismatched grafting will results in less production and sometime the process may not be successful.


Apply irrigation at 5 days and 20 days of such operation. After 12 days of grafting, the newly grown tree starts flowering. Such an amazing invention really draws the attention of nearby farmers and the authority as well. Such a hybrid tree is very sensitive and cannot tolerate any crisis.

We need to be alert to protect the tree from any king of damage by any kind of harmful animal or insect. Again, a strong fence can be perfect around the farming area if you farm in land covering a large area. If it is inside the home, we must keep the container out of the children. As we know that tomato and potato is very sensitive and late blight is the most harmful diseases for it.

tomato and potato same pot

Attendance More

Unwilling to share his address, an agriculture officer has said us,” It is producing the tomato and potato at the same tree more than our expectation. You can apply such a method in the veranda or at the roof of the house. If anyone want to farm in a large area, it will be very difficult to cope with the obstacles. It suits the best for small farming.” He also adds,” Some of the aristocratic and good farmers are visiting the new planting method and express their opinion to farm them in their house as well.”

Thus, it will be really interesting to grow pomato (potato + tomato) at house, roof or veranda. Besides increasing the beauty, it will increase the production and the interest of producing them. One thing to remember,” The more softly and intimately we will graft the plants, the more possibility we will get of surveying them.” You can also see how to grow tomato and plants care.

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