How to Grow Okra in Pots or Container & Care

We must have a clear and exact conception of planting okra in pot or container and attendance before we are about to grow it verbally. How to grow okra in pots or container is not a concern now a days. Farming land or the vegetable garden is the best place to grow vegetable. The urban people can grow them in the pot at roof or veranda. How to grow okra in pot planting idea is discourse today. We need to grow them as they contain a lot of vitamin A and other nutrition. You can also see how to grow broccoli in containers on Roof.

how to grow okra in container

Soil of the Container

The soil must be fertile, soft and shuffle for the better growth of the plants and for the max production. We must be careful so that the soil does not get cranny when the water dries out. To make the soil shuffle, need to mix 50% sandy loamy soil with 50% organic manure and apply the mixture in the pot. On an average, one tea spoon of TSP and 116 gm oil cake will be applied in every pot.

Kinds of Okra

Basically okra is of two kinds- green okra, red okra. Okra or lady’s finger is also farmed in some colloquial names but they are not the exact variety of okra.

Time of Planting

Okra can be cultivated in almost every season. But we need to remember that the tender plants cannot grow properly in the bitter cold. Yet, it can be farmed in winter. For a successful production, we need to sow the seeds with much temperature. Late summer and just before the rainy season best suits for this purpose.

Sowing the Seed

The seedling of okra cannot tolerate water. So the sowing should be directly in the selected pot, not in the seedbeds. The pot needs not to be a vast one, we can grow then in a medium pot. 2-3 seeds are sowed in every pot. After the seedlings germinate, we need to select one of the strongest plants and uproot the rests. Seed covers are strong and the seeds germinate in late. So, they should be drowned into the water for the night before sowing.


How to Grow Okra in pots

The plant is sensitive of water logging. So, a lot of emphasis should be put so that there may not be any accident of water logging. Drainage facilities must be ensured for every pot. When the seedlings are 10-12 cm long, one spoon of urea and potash will be applied by the edge of the pot.


Caterpillar hampers okra (how to grow okra in the field) drilling the branches and fruit. Virus is ever seen to affect the okra farm. In cause of virus, the leaves turn into yellow and get into different folded shapes.

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The affected trees must be uprooted and ground into the deep. In cause of attack of the insect, we can apply the pesticides in according to an agriculture officer.

Collecting the Vegetable

After sowing the seeds for two months, the trees begin to produce the vegetable. The okra needs to be collected when they are green, young and soft enough. The hard and fade okra is not suitable to eat. The more we will collect okra from the tree, the more production we will get.

Thus, we can grow okra in pot following the steps. Okra farming in pot at house also increase the beauty as we can decorate them wherever we like.

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