Growing Broccoli in Containers on Roof Gardening

Growing broccoli in containers on roof gardening at home simply. Broccoli is a particular types of vegetable that gets rotten soon after it is collected from the farming land. Broccoli contains a lot of vitamin c, carotene and calcium. Besides, there are also small amount of other ingredients.

growing broccoli in contain

Variety of Broccoli

The vegetable Broccoli has a multiple variety. According to their kinds and creeds, they can the cultivated all around the year. The major types of Broccoli are Purple Broccoli, Broccoli- Raab, Calabrese Broccoli and Sprouting Broccoli. Also apart from these, we can also produce Gai- Lon, F1- Hybrid, Chinese Broccoli and OP for better production.

Time of Seedling

Broccoli is mainly a winter seasonal vegetable. So, it is needless to mention that we must cultivate Broccoli during the winter. Besides, the plant grows well in cold, humid and fogy temperature. For perfect production and expected outcome, we recommend you to cultivate from the very begging of the winter.

Seedling Growing from Seeds

After the seedlings are prepared at seedbed, it is planted in the original container or pot. It takes 8/9 days to grow the seedlings at the pot. For strong kind of plant, we need to knit the seedling of 8-10 days.

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Fertilizer and Soil

For successful Broccoli farming, the soil should be mixed with fertilizer and cow dung while preparing the land. MOP and TSP can be fruitful to be used. Remember, soft and friendly soil always results in bumper crops.


¾ weeks aged healthy seedling should be planted in pots filled with fertilizer soil.  Plant the seedlings softly so that the roots are not hampered or over tight in the soil. Soft plantation breeds soft production.

Care of Broccoli

care of broccoli

The first 3/4 day of planting, we should manage a shade over the farming area. Regular irrigation in morning and evening should be maintained till the young plant adjusted with the soil. When the plant well adjusts with soil, provide irrigation after 2-3 days. It will be better to provide liquid fertilizer and compost manure if possible. Later, soil from around the seedling will be lifted to the root and irrigation will be continued from the surrounding the pot or container.

Harmful Insects

Nap and Fodder insects damage broccoli.


If Fodder, Nap or other insect increase, you can apply any kinds of pesticide or toxic chemical.  With the advice of an Agriculture Officer, you can take other measure as well.  Apply nitro when nap and fodder attack together.


This vegetable is eatable up to 3 or half and 3 months after planting. The stem of Broccoli is very soft shells that you can eat as vegetable as well. It will be eatable when the age of flower in 2/3 weeks. At first, cut the flower with knife carefully so that the trees do not get injury and can be re produce the vegetable as well. Growing broccoli in containers, I hope you understand.

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