kitchen Waste Decomposer Made of Organic Fertilizer

Perhaps it’s one of the most useful topics for the real gardeners who are always practical and funny in their gardening (kitchen waste decomposer). And to make organic fertilizer from kitchen waste is the question that is going through your mind if you are also a funny gardener like me.

Are you boring of your kitchen waste? Are they really usable? “Yes! They are”, the answer is. They are not only usable, rather they are of great importance. Let’s talk about this today.

kitchen Waste Decomposer Made of Organic Fertilizer

What’s the quantity of wastage?

Are you thinking about the amount of your wastage? Is it too small in quantity? Don’t worry, a little amount will do enough. It’s not a matter how many waste you generate a day. But a regular disposal is enough, though it may seem to you too low. Start disposing them.

Perhaps you know that all the organic matter finally decomposes with the passage of time. And, according to many research, composting is the best method that can speed up the decomposing process. It ensures the best setting for the bacteria along with the other microorganisms to thrive in.

Notes to remind

Complete knowledge of this process is a must; and if you are about to do it with a little knowledge, it may result in bacteria, fungi along with other worms like bugs. For the best outcome of the process, you need to ensure four crucial elements – nitrogen, oxygen, moisture and carbon.

Finally, if you are sure that you want to produce some organic manure, all you need is to mix some materials that are rich in nitrogen (livestock manure may do best) and those are potentially high in carbon (twigs and dry leaves). If you are suffering from the scarcity of materials that are rich in nitrogen, apply some lawn fertilizer. The rain may be enough for ensuring the moisture. but sometime it is too sever and sometime – too short. So, be prepared to cover the compost pile or to water it according to the need.

Now, it’s the time to look at the process how to generate organic fertilizer. All you’ll need is

  • Compost bin
  • Animal manure
  • Garden waste
  • Sawdust
  • Kitchen waste
  • A garden fork

kitchen Waste Decomposer Made of Organic Fertilizer

Steps to follow

Gathering the household waste

This is not something too much formal; collect directly some waste regularly. Considering something may be helpful for you selecting the type of waste. Before throwing the waste, you should ask yourself, are this decompose is in a useful way? Can I really produce organic fertilizer from them? If the answer is “Yes”, why am I throwing them away instead of reusing them for my compost pile?

By thinking in this way, you’ll be able to collect enough materials for your compost fertilizer. Some of the things you need to reconsider to collect like oils, milk products, grease and fatty meats. Because, disposal of such materials for your compost may cause annoying odor.

The best things to look out is the peeling from your vegetables and fruits. Egg shells, over ripen fruits and nuts – all these things are also of great use. Some of the ash from wood may aid for your successful composting. The ultimate thing that you need for the project is a location that is open, well drained and level.

Collecting the garden waste

A huge amount of natural wastage is required for your compost if you want to have a rich nutrient fertilizer. Don’t worry; it’s simple to collect them. Simply, collect the leaves and clippings from your garden if you have any. When the collection is complete, lay your waste and leaves on your lawn before you are trimming your lawn.

Including other materials for the pile

Sawdust, another important material for your compost, is a must to be mixed. Perhaps you are now thinking from where you can collect it, especially when you don’t have your own saw. Don’t worry, it’s easy to collect from a nearest gardening store. Another important matter is manure. If you have your own livestock, it’ll be easy for you. But if you don’t have, simply buy a little amount of manure from a farm that keeps animals for your compost.

Creating the compost

It’s really fun to create a compost finally. Put all the ingredients into your compost bin. You must consider something with your composting bin. Such as the bin should have a handle so that you can rotate the bin for mixing the ingredients and to generate oxygen into it. Place it to some extent raised from your level ground. Spin the bin often. It is recommended to do twice or thrice a day. This’ll aid mixing the elements together into the pile. Also the combination will be best suited for high quality fertilizer nutrients. Ensure some holes on the side of the bin.


Keep looking your compost for a soil-like mixture that is dark in color. Now, it’s the time to use the garden fork. Use it to pick while spreading the compost on the fields you want to fertilize. Apply it enough to fertilize properly. Allowing the new made compost fertilizer will always be more beneficial.

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