How to Make Carrot Juice, Its Nutrition & Health Benefits

You must have eaten several food items from carrot. But, have you ever drink the juice of carrot? Today we will discuss how to make carrot juice and its health benefits. It is a very notorious and tasty soft drink. As we know that carrot contains a lot of beta carotene that increase our eye sight, keeps the eye protected and bright. It has been reported that the person who eats tender carrot every day, never suffers from eye disease. It also plays a vital role increasing our skin brightness.

how to make carrot juice easy

The baby who has newly grown teeth or can eat only a small amount of light food items,   only the hotchpotch of carrot is enough to them. It minimizes the weakness of the teeth, increases the digestion process for having a huge amount of fiber. Also it heals constipation.

The baby, who is provided the can of milk instead of feeding mom’s breast, often suffers from constipation. Carrot hotchpotch can also solve such crisis. If the baby is unwilling to eat, prepare juice from them and easily feed them. Besides this, carrot juice performs as a brain fuel for the baby.

The juice of carrot decreases the fat of our body. So, the people who want to minimize their weight can drink carrot juice along with Tomato juice, Papaya juice and Cabbage instead of rice, Potato and bread. Carrot maximize the life time of RBC, the main element of our blood. This results in increasing the amount of hemoglobin in our blood. So, to increase our blood, we need to eat at least one carrot per day.

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Usefulness of Carrot Juice

  • It contains vitamin A, B and C. Also it has a plenty of mineral.
  • It is useful for eyes, bones, liver, teeth and our nail.
  • Keeps our skin soft, heals out hair fall problem.
  • Prevent cancer.
  • Helps to control our weight.

Food Value and Nutrition

how to prepare carrot juice

A carrot of max size contains 22 calories. Carrot also provides carbohydrate, protein, calcium, potassium, Phosphorus and iron.

How to Make the Juice

We need some additional elements making the juice. For a glass of juice, we need a max sized carrot, half of a glass of cold water. Carrot is naturally sweet. So, we don’t need to add additional sugar in it. Yet some one likes bitter sweet, he can add a normal amount of sugar in it.

Steps to Follow

  • Cut the carrot into small pieces.
  • Blend them very softly.
  • Filter them to select the fiber out of the juice.
  • Pour them into glasses and make them cold.

Now, it is ready for serving. For its immense significance, we can drink them every morning. Providing a huge amount of energy, protein, calcium, vitamin and mineral, it keeps us fresh all day long. Carrot juice is very nice and attractive to look at. So we need to serve them in a pure and clan glass. You can also see vegetable juicing recipes for weight loss.

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