Growing Cauliflower Plant in Containers on the Roof

Growing cauliflower plant in containers on the roof is very easy. Cauliflower is good vegetables but it destroies soon after collecting from field. Cauliflower confines a lot of vitamin c, carotene and calcium, besides, there are also small amount of other ingredients.

growing cauliflower plant in containers

Variety of Cauliflower

The cauliflower vegetable has a several variety. Brassicaceae and other are in the family of cauliflower.

Time of Seedling

Cauliflower is mainly a winter seasonal vegetable. So, it is needless to mention that we must farm Cauliflower during the winter. Besides, the plant grows well in cold, humid and fogy temperature. For perfect production and expected outcome, we recommend it to grow from the very begging of the wintertime.

Seedling Growing From Seeds

After growing seedling from seed, of this seedling will be planted in the original pot. It takes 8/9 days of grow. It is possible to grow strong seedling when 8/9 day aged seedling Lift up and plant in small distance away from another pot.

Fertilizer and Soil

Fertilizer soil should be made by mixing cow dung, TSP and oil cake. It should be kept in mind that. Soft and springy texture soil helps tree to grow quickly.

Name of fertilizer Amount of fertilizer per hectare Amount of fertilizer per cent
Cow Dung 15-20 tons 6-8 kg
Urea 250 kg 1kg
TSP 150 kg 600 grams
Potassium 200 kg 800 grams

Planting of Cauliflower

¾ weeks aged healthy seedling should be planted in fertilizer soil filled pots. After planting seedling, it should press very lightly at the base of soil in after noon because long press may tear out the roots.

Care of Cauliflower

The first 3/4 day of growing cauliflower, shade can be arranged for plant. Water should be given in the morning and evening until adjust with soil. You should a little stir occasionally when seedling adjust with soil and irrigation should be given after 1 or 2 days. It will better to give liquid manure or leaf manure after every 15 days. After the base soil around seedling should be Lift up and irrigation should be giver along the coast of tubs.

Harmful Insects

Nap and Fodder insects damage Cauliflower.


If Fodder, Reden, Nap increase, you should apply marshal medicines in accordance with the advice of assistant sub agricultural officers. When nap and fodder attack together, we should apply nitro.


This vegetable is eatable up to 3 or half and 3 months after planting. The stem of Cauliflower is very soft shells that we can eat as vegetable. It will eatable when the age of flower in 2/3 weeks. At first we should cut the upper flower so that tree can grow. Flower will again bosom and next time it can be collect timely.

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