How to Grow Bitter Gourd at Home and Its Care

Growing bitter gourd is not a concern now a day. In this content how to grow bitter gourd at home and its care. People also know it by the name Momordica charantia. Some of us do not like the vegetable as it is bitter to eat. Yet it is full with herbaceous qualities. To cure diabetic, skin problem and worm, Bitter gourd is a master vegetable. The vegetable contains other nutrition and food values along with iron and vitamin.

How to Grow Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourds grows well almost everywhere in our country. Previously, people produce them only in the warm days but with the improvement of the species, we can grow them almost all around the year. If you want to make bitter melon juice, You can follow just a few steps.

Soil for Farming

you can grow it in every kind of soil if you can ensure that there will be no water logging. Loamy and sandy loamy soil with organic elements best suits for farming it. Shadowy land is always recommended to avoid farming bitter melon.

Kinds of Bitter Melon

Bitter gourd has varieties in sizes and shapes. The typical bitter melon has narrower shapes and pointed ends. In China, bitter melon are grown with a shape of 20-30 cm long. They can have many more different shapes and sizes. The vegetable is mostly known as karela in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh and India, the sub continent verity is mostly popular.

Preparing the Land

Plough the land for 3-4 times and the weeds need to be cleared. 40 kg of manure will be applied for per century of land. Level the land with ladder. Make each bed having a width of 1 meter and make a drain of 30 cm between the beds. Length of the beds will relay on the length of the land.

Maintain a distance of 1.5 meter for each seed hole. The hole will be of 40 cm. on an average, sow 5-7 seeds in each hole. Apply cow dung and additional fertilizer in the hole before 2-3 of sowing the seeds.

Sowing the Seeds

bitter melon seeds

Now days, we can grow bitter melon (bitter gourd)  in every time of the year. But it grows well in the summer and early rainy season. So complete sowing before the production period starts. The covers of the seeds are strong and so they are kept drown into the water for a night before sowing. We can produce the seedlings into the poly bags in spite of sowing them in the land. Generally 600-700 seedlings can be produced from each 100 gm. seeds. So, 25-30 gm. seeds are required for per century of land.

Quantity of Fertilizer

As you know that organic fertilizer is the best choice for farming bitter melon. Apply half of the total fertilizer at the time of land preparation and apply the rest 7-10 days before sowing the seeds. Apply some additional fertilizer according to the requirement of the seedling and land.

Scaffolding the Bed

When the seedlings are about to 20-25 cm long, they need to tie with a supporting stick so that they cannot fall down on the ground. Besides, the scaffolds should be 1-1.5 meter high from the ground. Width of the scaffold relays on the bed. Such a planned farming will be helpful to care the plants. The scaffold will be made on strong bamboo sticks. Bitter melon grows 25-30% more on the scaffold than farming on the ground.

Irrigation and Weeds Clearing

Sow the seed after confirming Joe at the seed hole. If the sowing area dries out, irrigation must be applied. If the soil gets tight for irrigation, we must make the soil loose by hoe. Uproot the weeds soon after you notice them in your farming area.

We need to remember that due to excessive dryness, the fruit becomes smaller and cannot get proper shapes and color. Again, irrigation must be applies every time after applying fertilizer. Several seedlings come out at the bottom of the main seedling. It is better to cut them off so that the main seedling can grow properly. We must be careful about water logging as it can destroy the whole farming.

Collecting the Vegetable

40-50 days after planting the plant, they start giving fruits. Once the process starts, it continues for about 65-70 days. Thus we can grow bitter melon at home, farm or anywhere following the steps. You can also see bitter melon health benefits and nutrition facts.

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