Bitter Melon Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Bitter melon though sardonic many favorite vegetables to many people. There is a lot of eating fried and curry. The benefits of this vegetable are not less for human health. So keep on eating regularly in the diet. So keep it on the food list regularly. According to nutritionists, bitter melon a lot of nutritional value and health benefits. Bitter melon grew up in tropical countries. For example, Asia, East Africa, Caribbean Islands, South America. Bitter melon others name is bitter gourd, karela, momordica charantia and etc. If you want to grow bitter melon vegetable.

bitter melon health benefits

Bitter melon test is sardonic, but a lot of beneficial. It has been used as medicine for thousands of years in the Asia region. Indigenous people of South America’s Amazon region diabetes, stomach gas, measles and hepatitis medicines ‍as many years has been use. And also used to medicine as hypertension, malaria fever and headache.

Nutrition Facts of Bitter Melon

According to an International newspaper report, if you eat bitter melon regularly, the disease is 100 feet away. A bitter melon of medium size (approximately 100 grams) contains.

  • Food calories – 28 kilo-calories
  • Watery quantity- 92.2 grams
  • Carbohydrates- 4.3 grams
  • Protein- 2.5 grams
  • Calcium- 14 milligrams
  • Iron- 1.8 grams
  • Vitamin C- 68 milligrams

Health benefits of Bitter Melon

Bitter melon health benefits is given below:

Get Rid of Breathing

There is a lot of benefit in bitter melon. Its antioxidant removes body pollution. Increases the speed of digestion. Mixing honey and bitter melon juice eating with water benefits of asthma, bronchitis and throat inflammation are available.

Retain the Youth

Bitter melon reduces high blood pressure and fat. Also bitter melon juice is wormwood. It keeps eye sight. Besides, it is also an antibiotic. Suffering from anemia that’s a good vegetable for the bitter melon. Better melon making hemoglobin increases the blood components of the body. Bitter melon vitamin C keeps skin and hair good and malaria fever relaxes. Relieving the headaches. It is out of toxic substances from the body and cleanses the blood.Helps in preventing diseases such as squashes.

Helps Digestion

The great quality of the bitter melon is beneficial for digestion. It has its role in removing constipation. You can eat regularly to remove the complications of digestive system.

Strength Improvement

Bitter melon juice also works as a strength booster. It helps to increase Stamina as well as sleep better.

Controlling Diabetes

There are lots of Antioxidant and the blood sugar reduction element. Diabetes patients to control blood sugar levels on a regular basis can eat bitter gourd.

Increases Prevent to Disease

Bitter melon increases body resistance to disease. Helps the body to fight against any type of infection.

Resistant of Cancer

Bitter melon has enough iron, vitamin A, c and fiber. Anti-oxidant vitamins A and C aging is delayed. In addition, bitter melon is a disease preventive lutein and cancer prevention lycopene.

Operate to Prevent a Heart Attack

Did you reduce blood fat and increases the good cholesterol as well as HDL Triglycerides. It controls blood pressure. Experts say, taking bitter melon every day eat is to prevent high blood pressure and blood fat storage is easier because of the tendency of a heart attack.

Benefits of Malaria Patient

Bitter melon leaf juice drink is very beneficial for malaria. In addition to eating malaria patients, they have three bitter melon leaves and peppers after 7 days of eating, it quickly became healthy. Bitter melon leaf juice eating, fever is healthy. Its works to remove worms from the body.

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