Vegetable Garden Fence Idea With Pictures

Don’t have any vegetable garden fence idea? Looking for an easier and effective one? Oh yah!!! You are now at right site to be benefited and to have the best ideas to protect your garden.

What fence is and why it is essential

Oh my God!!!! A critter in my garden? Ravaging my veg? this is, most probably, the worst dream we have ever had. So, come to the point. By fence we mean a restriction or a method that prevents the critters and unexpected person from getting inside of our garden. This is the best practical way to do so. A fence not only prevents the plant but also enhances the beauty of our garden giving a vivid and colorful outlook towards it. Let’s come to the point.

Geometric wooden fence

This is one of the best looking rustic fence in modern era. It is made of strong slice of wood. It is very conductive for the garden as the air and light can get inside easily. The beautiful geometric wooden frame is embedded by a wire-net that prevent the pests successfully out.

Vegetable Garden Fence Idea With Pictures

Fence of logs and chicken wire

A fence of logs and wire is capable of doing the multiple purpose of enhancing the beauty and preventing the unexpected creature into the garden. In considering it height, it is higher than most other fences and at the same time, open and airy. So, you won’t get the feel of overwhelming and boxed in.

Vegetable Garden Fence Idea With Pictures

Pallet pretty

We can really use the pallet for artwork, furniture and even for garden fencing. This is a lower type of fence that prevents the modest patch, but really it is useful and works properly. In such a fence, even the gate is also made of recycled pallets as the woods are reusable perfectly. Also it works great.

Vegetable Garden Fence Idea With Pictures

Simple concrete base

It you want to install a permanent and strong fence around your large vegetable garden, you can hardly find any alteration of such a fence. First you need to mark the landscape following which a concrete base will be installed. When the concrete materials will be poured, install some strong wooden logs or metal stick at a particular distance. This wooden logs or stick will play the role of pillars using which, a net of wire will be embedded. That’s all you need to do.

Vegetable Garden Fence Idea With Pictures

Preferring the log style

It is not essential to have a log style home for that. You can easily make a fence using only some clean logs. It will also give you a rustic look and comfort feeling. All you need is some clean logs, hammer, and some log nails. The gate is also made of logs with an a-frame backing.

Cut the cutter

I know that the type I am going to discuss, will sound foolishly. But please believe me, it works fantastically. It is to make another garden in front of the targeted garden. Let me make clear. First, you need to select a type of flower that does not attract pests or animals. Also you can think of some other plants for the same purpose. Then, to use the secondary garden as a fence, select a logical distance and make another garden that will prevent the pests or animal from attacking the vegetable plants. Also it enhances the beauty of your garden and gives a majestic feeling.

Bamboo trellis fence

Are you looking for an easier and least expensive method of fencing your vegetable garden? Okay, just follow the instruction to complete. First of all, you need to collect some bamboo and cut it into pieces of 5 feet height. Make several slice having a width of 4/5 inches. Clean the slice and make it smooth. Take another bamboo and cut it having a length of 10/15 feet according to your demand (relaying on the width and length of the garden).

Take some iron pin and attach the small pieces on the large one giving a ####### shape. apply three pieces of large slice at a side. That means, the shape of the fence will be like a continuous # series. Don’t forget to grab the gap tightly so that the critters cannot enter into and ensure enough gap so that the air and light can easily enter inside. Finally install the fence around the garden and protect it from the ravaging enemies.

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