Best Companion Plants – Borage And Strawberry

As a gardener, you should know that is companion plants and what do they do? Today we’ll discuss about a great pair of plants that is borage and strawberry- best companion plants. They have a special relation and you must think one with other for the best outcome. Different flora can help strawberry as other companion plants can. And you know, borage is the very culinary herb that is the best choice that you can plant in close proximity to your strawberry. Perhaps a brief information regarding the relationship between strawberry and borage can be helpful before focusing on their best outcome.

Best Companion Plants

Strawberry And Companion Plants

You should know the theory that, with right combination of other species, you can produce a maximum harvest and synergistic outcome. There as many combinations that match well and some are not at all. The best combination of plants may result into nutrient uptake, increasing pollination and controlling harmful pests. Of course the best companion tends to develop the health condition of the plants, the actual productivity as well.

Now it’s the question that does strawberry need a companion plant or not? Obviously the answer will depend on the type of production whether it is commercial or not. As the main purpose of a commercial cultivation is to ensure the maximum production, it might need to take an extra attendance. Again, the plants of strawberry are treated with pesticides and fertilizers that deliver petroleum. Also, if you plant another plants other than strawberry in a commercial farm, it can affect the overall production.

On the contrary, borage can cause a lot of sense considering it as a companion plant with the strawberries if you are a home gardener or a multi- producer. And this is obvious that the borage is the best choice as a companion plants if you don’t want to apply a large amount of chemical and pesticides, or non-organic fertilizer for your strawberry.

Planting Borage And Strawberry

Borage is not merely a culinary herb especially when you plant it with strawberry as a companion plants. It is globally accepted as a companion plants as it proves its observed effects in a garden. But, you can notice the most striking affinity when you apply it alongside your strawberry.

Every gardener knows that the strawberry and the plants can be affected by a lot of pests and pathogens that can destroy or severely damage them.  But, planting some borage next to your strawberry refers to aid the strawberry in actual development without being disrupted. As per since goes, the borage plants tend to deter several insects which might afflict your strawberry. At the same time the borage is a powerful pollinator attractor and nobody can deny this.

But the most important reason for which you’ll plant your strawberry with some borage is that borage can improve the flavor profile of strawberry. The taste is also a subjective consideration as well. So the gardeners plan strawberry with borage to develop the flavor. Sometime the borage cannot increase the flavor due to heavy application of pesticide and fertilizer yet you need not to worry or to plant avoiding borage. They can obviously help you getting a high yield and maximum production. Also the borage is best known for the incensement of level of trace mineral in the soil. Doesn’t is too highly beneficial for your strawberry health.

Spacing The Both Plants (Borage And Strawberry)

You need not to alternate your strawberry with borage to get the striking and most beneficial outcome. strictly saying, you don’t need a lot of them as well. If you plant June-bearing strawberries in the matted row system, you’ll be in need of one borage plant for per 3-4 feet and it is sufficient. Perhaps it will be best to determine in the best spacing and location for you soil, climate and the variety of strawberry.

Borage And Strawberry For Extra Benefit

To attract the pollinator, it is very essential to plant some borage among the strawberry. And it is needless to mention that this pollinator helps to fertilize for many of the plants. In cause of your being a beekeeper or a gardener, you need to remember that borage plant will obviously favor the bees as they love to collect the nectar from borage flower and produce some sweetest honey.

Besides, it won’t sound strange if I say that the very borage is edible itself. To have a light taste of cucumber, you can have the leaves of borage. To taste a light sweet test, try the flower as well. It is praiseworthy to notice that you can use the leaves of it as spinach or to prepare juice or make salad. What can be a compliment of borage with strawberry considering its ultimate outcome?

The Conclusion

From the above the discussion, there is no cross opinion that only borage can develop the best companion for your strawberry. Beside favoring your strawberry, borage can help to the development of other plant. Again, if you want a fascinated decoration or natural combination of beauty, they can do best.

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