What to Grow in March Your Vegetable Garden

Finally, its march and most probably the thing that is going inside your mind is to grow some tomatoes and piper seeds so that you can get them ready for an early spring planting. That’s not all! You can also plant some cool weather vegetable those last till the frost days of March and April. In short, here’s a list of vegetables that you can plant in March.


As you know that lettuce does not like warm weather. So, its pleasure to plant them for the spring. At the same time, lettuce is a fast growing vegetable. Within 30 days, the baby lettuce is ready to harvest! So, why late? Get ready to grow some lettuce in this March. Sprinkle some seeds in rows or window boxes in the garden directly. Cover the seeds with ¼ or ½ inch of soil. Ensure best moisture for the soil while sprouting. Are you looking for harvesting a variety? Look for the gourmet blends.

  • Varieties to grow: Red Sails, Spicy Mesclun

growing lettuce


Are you missing some green and spicy arugula in your salad or sandwiches? Really, this vegetable makes them great. I’m sure you are now planning to grow some of them in your garden. If yes, just follow the instructions as mentioned. Sow some seeds directly in your garden or in containers if you like pot planting. Wait for a few days as soon there will be some leaves 2 or 3 inches long. Why are you waiting anymore? Just snip them off. The only thing you need to remember is that this arugula hates the dog days and you need to grow and harvest them in the cooler weather if you want to enjoy them really.

what to grow in march


Perhaps you are thinking to have spinach all the season round. Its really simple to grow and harvest. Plant it in a short row. To get the vegetable all the season round, sow the seeds maintaining at least 10 days of gaps. So, you will be having matured vegetable continuously as it will get matured continuously. Just one thing to remember that your spinach is very sensitive and does not put up with the dog days.

  • Varieties to grow: Bloomsdale Long Standing, Giant Noble.

growing Spinach

Swiss Chard

To grow some Swiss chard is also an awesome idea. This green and fresh vegetable is served raw. Also you can use it mixing into quiches and frittatas. So, don’t think any more. Let’s grow some of them in our garden. Start planting them early spring. Ensure irrigation considering the condition of your soil. To smoothen the harvest coming, collect the outer leaves. Its really pleasure to say that it is the beautiful plant which yields all the season round in the northern climates if you ensure a partly shade to protect it from the afternoon sun.

  • Varieties to grow: Giant Fordhook, Bright Light

what to grow in march


Do you know that kale is the vegetable that can survive in the cold? Surviving in the winter, this hard vegetable comes back to the following spring. Sow the seeds as you do for any other green. Harvest the leaves baby or mature, as you like it.

  • Varieties to grow: Red Russian, Lacinato.

growing Kale


Radishes are the super-fast growing vegetable that usually get ready to harvest within 20-30 days. Plan to plant them in rows shallowly. Also you can plant them in pot if you like to grow some vegetables in pot planting. The risk of frost being past is the best time to plant them. Ensure the ground moist.

  • Varieties to grow: Black Spanish, Early Scarlet Globe.

growing Radishes


Its really fun to grow some fresh potatoes of your won. And if you are planning to have a budget of your land for some potatoes, follow the instruction. Cut the big potatoes into some small pieces that might have two ‘eyes’. Also you can plant the whole of a small potato. Ensure a depth of 8 inches maintaining a distance of a foot. Keep the ‘eye’ facing side up. Never you’ll collect the potatoes from your kitchen as you know that they are, most often, mixed with some chemical. You can buy some fresh, diseases free seed potatoes from a nearest sells authority or from a nursery. Considering your location, the best time schedule to plant them is from Mid-March to Mid-June.

  • Varieties to grow: Yukon gold, Purple Viking.

growing potato

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