How to Grow Ginger in Pot Easy Tricks and Attendance

How to grow ginger in pot just simple matter. Ginger is one of the spices that can be produced in pot right at your home. It is the herb that is used to add zingy flavor t culinary delights of all. At the same time, ginger is too easy for pot planting to miss. Don’t look down upon its food values as well. It provides you anti- inflammatory and antibiotic properties along with increasing the appeal of you dishes. That’s why many people apply it in order to calm an upset tummy and the healing power of ginger in this regard, is proven.

Ginger is a plant that grows in warm climate. Also the gardeners in more northern climates may produce ginger as pot planting. Doing so, they will be able to harvest this spicy roots all around the year. Spring is the best time for planting ginger in pot but you can plant in other season. So, if you are also a garden lover like me, read on to learn how to grow ginger in pot.


Actually, Ginger is one of my favorite spices for high supply around my kitchen, and fortunately for me, this tropical plant can easily grow indoors all year round, even in the long, cold Vermont winter. Life is beautiful in the mountains of Vermont. But living in a northern climate means that there are many heat-loving plants that do not do well when planted outside my garden. Instead of giving up all my choices, I decided to try the next best thing: bring them home.

How to grow ginger in pot

Collecting or producing the plants;

To be successful in your attempt to grow some ginger in a pot, you must be careful in choosing the healthiest plants. You can collect some of them from a reputed nursery. Also you may search in online gardening sources. Also you can produce plant at your home using some organic ginger.

Haven’t you already collect a ginger of your own? Don’t worry, they are very easy to start and grow. Collect a chunk of ginger measuring to your thumb. Confirm the roots of ginger to be light colored with bumpy little buds. But if you are able to start with organic ginger, it will be the best. Remember, ginger of a grocery store may be treated with chemicals resulting in bad sprouting. Also such a grocery ginger may be treated with some fungal problems. You must clean the ginger before applying for producing plants and to do so, soak the ginger root for about a day just before slicing it for plantation.

ginger of your own

Selecting a pot;

To grow some ginger in pot, you must select a pot that is wide enough. Don’t look down upon the depth of the pot as well. As the roots will grow horizontally, it will cover a wider area than a deeper one. Also the pot should be transportable so that you can move it in cause of rough weather. Fill the container with potting soil in order to ensure a drainage system inside the planting area.

Grow Ginger with Some Important Tips

  • If your house is cold during planting, you can try using a heat mat set at 70-75 ° Fahrenheit to warm the soil. Remove the mat as soon as the sprouts appear.
  • When you first plant ginger, do not give too much water. The soil needs to be mixed lightly so that it does not dry out. Once the shoots have broken the soil, you can start watering more generously. It appreciates moisture, just make sure the soil is draining well.
  • Plants can be moved out in the summer to benefit from some sunshine and fresh air. Do this only when daytime temperatures consistently reach 70 ° Fahrenheit and nighttime temperatures do not drop below 50 Fahrenheit. Place the pot somewhere where there is some shade, such as on a covered porch.

When watering, it is important to ensure that the soil is moist but well drained. The soil should be moist to the touch, but not wet. The water starts to feel dry at any time by touching the surface of the soil with a spray bottle. To keep this plant well fed and happy, cover it with fresh compost as more stalks emerge and the leaves grow longer. During heavy leaf production and growth, you can feed monthly with a balanced all-purpose organic liquid fertilizer.

Planting ginger

Follow the steps below :

  • Make slices of your ginger knob.
  • Ensure thinness of the pieces.
  • Find out the pieces having “eyes” on them.
  • Sow the ginger with eyes facing up into the ground.
  • Apply some soil to cover the ginger. Make a layer of one and half inches of soil over the ginger.
  • Wait a little. It will take some time to grow ginger in a pot. Soon there will be sprout within two or three weeks.

Taking care of ginger in pot :

It is very easy to handle the ginger to grow in pot. Select a location that is warm enough and place the pot there. Of course the place will be safe from direct sunlight. Or, in outdoors, place your ginger that receives a gentle sunlight at morning but completely shady in the afternoon. Water your pot to ensure moisture in the soil. Avoid watering at the point of sogginess. Apply some fertilizer to the ginger plants every 6-8 weeks. You can think of some organic fertilizer, fish emulsion or seaweed extract. After 8-10 months, ginger will be mature enough to harvest.

Grow Ginger in Pot 1=100 Tips For You

  • First of all, take the tools with which you will dig, fill the soil, and dig the soil.
  • And of course a container that will be 1 inch long and 6 inches wide.
  • Soil selection should be done very carefully. The soil should be loosened and one third of 1 container should be taken.
  • Now let’s do the real work. The same amount of manure and a small amount of chemicals should be mixed with the soil. Then mix the coco peat in the soil and make the total amount of soil equal to the container.
  • Choose ginger seeds in such a way that the bore wells become smaller. Each koya will have one or two faces.
  • Then soak ginger in water for 5 days.
  • After 5 days, plant your ginger seeds in the container in which you will plant the seeds just two inches deep in the soil.
  • Now cover the ginger seed with soil.
  • Soak the soil in the container with water.
  • Then place the container in a light shaded place but the place should be a little warm. Otherwise cover the top of the container with silt.
  • Wait a few days and see the seedlings come out of your ginger seed.
  • Now is the time to put the seeds in separate containers.
  • Separate the seedlings from the container very carefully so that the seedlings do not break.
  • Then prepare the soil again and fill the container and plant the seedlings.
  • Wait at least three months for your best results and see the magic of 1 to 100.

Harvesting ginger

Usually ginger takes a long time to mature. So, if you are interested to an early harvesting, you can start when the plants are of four to five months. In that cause, remove the soil from around the rhizome. Perhaps you are noticing some roots reaching outward to downward from the rhizome. Oh yes! It’s the edible part of your ginger. Clean off the roots in order to clean the rhizome as you are about to collect it to eat.

Again, to enjoy a bit of your ginger, remove some soil to uncover a single rhizome. You will select a finger like extension and trim it off. Following this method, you can enjoy your fresh ginger whenever you like.

How to Grow Ginger

But for a full and mature harvesting, wait till the leaves turn into yellow and the plants start dying. Remove the soil and collect the fresh ginger. You can also uproot the plant carefully but sometimes it results into missing rhizome. Such a fully matured ginger can be stored and used for a long time. That’s all of my favorite viewers. Thanks very much. Keep in touch in

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