Healthy Vegetables Juice to Prevent Disease

Best fruits and healthy vegetables juice to prevent disease must see this article. You can reduce your weight beside survive from various kinds of disease by drinking fresh fruits and healthy vegetables juice. A list is given below about fresh fruit and vegetable juice that protect you from what kinds of disease.

best fruits and vegetables to juice

Prevent Disease

  1. Wheat grass juice is very beneficial for the toxicity of the body, toxicity and tooth decay. Wheat grass contain vitamin A, B, C and lot of iron. The elements always help to protect from this diseases.
  2. The juice of cabbage, carrots, spinach, sugarcane and red spinach are highly effective for anemia.
  3. To get relief from anorexia eat, water mix with carrot juice then drink it. Or, you can drink one glass cold whey.
  4. The same amount of carrot, spinach and sugarcane juice should drunk every day to prevent And also, you can drink half glass potato juice to get rid of this disease.
  5. We should have a glass of lemon juice with honey to get rid of asthma.
  6. You can add apple, pear and pineapple juice in your regular diet to prevent intestinal cirrhosis.
  7. One or more of papaya juice in boiled water can be drunk to remove anal inflammation.
  8. One cup juice or soup made by left of spinach to remove constipation. In addition, one guava or pear can be eaten regularly.


  1. Make the habit of eating apples, pears, grapes and coconut on a regular basis to prevent bladder infection.
  2. You can eat green vegetable, cucumber, onion garlic and bitter gourd juice to control diabetes.
  3. Drink some orange juice for diarrhea or a bowl of carrot soup and lot of pomegranate can be eaten.
  4. Lettuce leaf juice mixed with spinach juice to prevent hair fall, you can eat.
  5. We can drink the mixture of sugarcane, carrot and cucumber juice to be free from fatigue or depression.
  6. Honey with water, you can drink to prevent heart disease or bureaucrat juice can be drunk. Besides, eat an apple every day.
  7. You can keep a lot of garlic in your diet list to be free from high blood pressure. In addition, you can also drink watermelon and cucumber juice.
  8. Sugarcane juice can be drunk to control hypotension.
  9. To avoid indigestion, drink two delicious fruits – pineapple and lemon juice regularly.
  10. As vegetable, tomato is a delicious and healthy vegetable having high nutrition food values. It contains vitamin A, C, calcium, iron and potassium.

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