Fastest Growing Vegetable Giving Quick Harvest

Fastest growing vegetable giving quick harvest. Who does not want to have a quick harvest? And if I’m right, the thing that is now going inside you is to grow some quick vegetable in your garden in this month. Its really fun and so easy if you have a right choice for the purpose. Actually, the long term veges takes a lot of time and requires a considerable labor. Instead, you can grow some of the fastest growing vegetables to save your time and labor.

Top fastest vegetables to grow in your garden


Who does not like the fresh arugula with its special peppery flavor? As an addition to your perennial garden, this delicious fresh vegetable has hardly any comparison.

In order to tossing in your salad, if you are thinking to have peppery garden, you should consider about this flavorful vegetable. Now what is needed is just to sow them in your garden. Allow them for a month to get matured. Collect them when you think you should harvest them and just enjoy.

Fastest Growing Vegetable Giving Quick Harvest


the vegetable that I tried ever to grow is spinach; not because it is very fast growing but because it is very simple and less laboring to produce and harvest. What you need to do is to sow the seeds directly in the well prepared dirt. Water the seedbeds and wait. Within 4-6 weeks, your waiting will come to an end as there will be a bulk of fresh spinach for you to harvest.

To enjoy them, apply with other salad or you can make some other recipes from the spinach.

Fastest Growing Vegetable Giving Quick Harvest

Baby carrots

These vegetables are great snack and you can use them to cook with. To enjoy the delicious item, what you need to do is to sow the seeds in the seedbeds. Of course set up your mind with the correct variety that grows at the best rate. You can sow the seeds in the pots if you like to have some pot planting.

Get ready quickly to harvest them as they are going to be prepared to be harvested within 30 days only.

Fastest Growing Vegetable Giving Quick Harvest


Radishes are one of the fastest growing vegetables for you to start with. It is not so surprising to hear that these amazing and super-fast growing vegetables can be harvested within 22-50 days. To do so, all you need to do is to sow the seeds directly in the seedbeds that are well prepared with excellent manure. Wait for a few days and continue watering the beds lightly and carefully so that the seeds cannot get washed. Perhaps your waiting will come to an end as soon as you will see the seedlings coming out of the ground. Just harvest them when you think you are in need of them and enjoy.

Fastest Growing Vegetable Giving Quick Harvest


You are thinking of such a vegetable that you can apply for a multiple of purposes! I’ve got you completely. And if I’m right, you are thinking the cucumber. Don’t be anxious, its my intention too. Actually cucumber is versatile plant. The best use of cucumber is, most probably, as a great addition to your salad.

To grow them, you need to remember somethings. Cucumber likes to run. That’s why you need to place them on trellis or ensure them a considerable space to get matured. It’s a matter of joy that the young cucumber can be harvested in 50 days.


Lettuce is one of the best known greens that are famous not only for their taste and flavor but also for their quick harvesting. It is also such a versatile plant to grow in your garden. Before growing them, you need to select the exact variety from the chart as different varieties are for different taste, flavor and crunch one with another.

So, if you are thinking to grow some fresh, green and mind-blowing lettuce of your won, don’t think any more. Prepare the seedbeds properly. Ensure the fitness of your soil and sow the seeds.

Lettuce can be harvested within 30- 50 days depending on the variety.


Okra is one of my favorite greens and I like it most for its delicious taste and a quick mature gravest. To produce this green, just prepare yourself before the seedbeds as it will require a great care to grow. Ensure the fertility of your land and sow 2 seed into the soil maintaining a depth of 2-3 inches and 6-10 from seed hole to seed hole as distance. Of course the soil must be soft and watery. Ensure watering them if you think your land is in need of it. Also you can prepare the seedlings in a seedbed and plant them in the harvesting land. As soon as it completes 50-55 days, perhaps you are ready to harvest some fresh and delicious okra. No need to think any more friend, start enjoying them.


Honestly saying, I like the green. When I was a kid, I liked it as it seems to be a miniature. At my young days, I like it as I can use it for multiple purposes; I can apply butter and cheese on it. Also I can enjoy it again and again seasoning this beautiful green.

And if you think that you also like them, then you need to know how to grow broccoli.  Of course you know that they are ready for harvesting within 55-60 days. You can enjoy some small heads of them earlier depending on your choice.

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